The Healing Saturday

Sharon Stone worked with Liz Taylor on healing people inflicted with AIDS.

Rosamond Press

I just awoke from my Old Man Nap and heard God bid me to found His Saturday of Pandemic Healing.

Jesus said something that puzzled me for years. In Luke he says who he has come to heal:

“And Jesus answering unto them said. They that are whole do not need a physician. But they that are sick. That is the reason for which I came into the world.”

Jesus has just given the reason why he was born. He says what his mission is. He says he has not come to heal everyone. There is are two words missing from his declaration. It should read;

“They that are not born sinners, do not need a physician.”

What Jesus is referring to is the ruling, and law the Sanhedrin made about fifty years before Jesus was born, said those who were born with their afflictions, were judged by God to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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