Tale Of Two Daughters

Where to begin? Who wants to read my story? In 1992 I began what is titled a recovery self-help autobiography. You do not have to be famous, or, a moderate success to author such a thing. I had been in hypnotherapy and evidence my father sexually abused me when I was a child, surfaced.

There are photographs of Vic Presco sitting at the Benton dinner table being esteemed by – his family. I’ve been having much trouble with these images that have taken me back to therapy. After I was reunited with my kidnapped daughter two years after she was disappeared from my life, she said;

“Just because you can’t get along with your family, doesn’t mean I can’t!”

That should have done it for me, but I gave Heather Hanson – another chance to get right! When the package I sent Heather came back, I knew she had gone over to my family which included Vicki and Mark Presco. My brother is/was a neo-Nazi and racist who wrote very hateful essays – and wanted me to include exerts in my book. I told him to go fuck himself. Of course I was concerned if he had help lure my daughter away from me. In this e-mail you can see there was a contingency plan if I should reject my daughter, and try to block her family from getting this minor in the rival biography. I was engaged to Patrice Hanson who says her sister insists on a DNA test, when it is Linda Comstock’s attorney husband.

In March of 1980 I sat in a court of law in Oakland California, and listened to my step-daughter in the witness chair, tell the court she preferred to live with me, rather than her father. A week later, the Judge has me taken out of court and handcuffed to his desk upstairs. The Black Panther Party had demonstrated below his window. I debated whether or not to include a photograph of David Hanson and his son named after Malcom X. His father was a Black Panther in Chicago who allegedly died in a fire.

When Donald Trump got elected, I heard my father in him. Vic had risen from his grave. My sisters formed a partnership with him where Christine produced four images. I had no intention of introducing Mary Ann, or Britt, to this very abusive man. I have concluded Heather and Vic would have gotten along – just fine. That is my niece Shannon with The Monster.

There are over a billion facebook users, and many are asking how any American, and Christian, can back Donald Trump. This is the answer I began to answer in my book ‘Bonds With Angels’.

The wolf is at the door. Below is a strange article about how to esteem your child by esteeming yourself. Patrice was a Stage Mother who over esteemed our daughter in a diabolical plan to heal her self from her abusive father. There are two books about Rosamond that declare she had no esteem from anyone in the family – including me. How then, was I able to own gifts?

I want to sue the law firm that sold my families literary legacy to outsiders. Snyder’s bio says Vic took Christine out to the family car and sexually molested her. Mark Presco called me and said Vic raped Shannon and Christine is blackmailing him in order to get Shannon into therapy.  When I visited Vicki who was living at Vic’s about the alleged rape she said;

“Shannon knew better than to drink with Vic. The same thing happened to Christine and I when we were in our twenties. There is testimony about a date rape drug. Why was my little sister still seeing The Monster? Why will millions vote for Trump? How do you stop The Monster? I am the Scapegoat.

I would like to get David on the witness stand. He has a story to tell. If I had not rescued him and his younger brother, I wouldn’t have a biological daughter – and two grandchildren! But, if he told the truth, he would convict his mother who enjoys manipulating people – as does Heather.

I apologize to Britt for abandoning her. I got just the opposite of child esteem. I got hell on earth – and I rose above! I have thirty-three years of sobriety. How I accomplished this – is a miracle!

Above is a pic of me and the son of Carlos Moore who along with his mother wrote the biography of Fela Kuti who was befriend by the Black Panthers – who I believe POTUS is gunning for. I suspect he wants them to confront his goon squad.

I include drawings of James Joyce done by Augutus John who is kin to Mary Ann via Elizabeth Rosamond Taylor.

John Presco

Copyright 2020





From: Bancrofthouse@
To: velchanos
Sent: March 13, 2001 6:46:53 AM GMT
Subject: Another thought
My sister suggested that when you come, we get a blood test done to
confirm paternity. I feel 100% certain in myself that you are indeed
Heather’s father. I think you know from your psychic intuitions and
when you see her you will confirm what you already know. However, as
Linda, my sister said, then we’d have confirmation on paper and if
anyone ever challenges it, we can prove it. For example, if Randy
ever shows up although I feel the chances are slim. It’s been 10
years now and we are not that hard to find for anyone who really
wants to. It might be a good idea though. What do you think?

THARALDSEN, MARY ANN married a groom named DAVID SEIDLER in the year 1961 on license number 4200 issued in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Special thanks to RECLAIM THE RECORDS. Now you may also check Archives for MARY ANN THARALDSEN.



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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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