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When I read the opening paragraph of the article written by Francine Prose, I understood she was dealing with a phrase I coined on Jan. 13, 2018…PULP POLITICS. I will now attach Trump’s Goon Squad to evangelical leaders and insist they come out against this assault on Democracy. They look like the Papal Armies of old.

“With so much doom to scroll through, it’s hard to know when to stop and pay attention, but one story that jumped out at me – and, I hope, at many others – is the account of how demonstrators in Portland, Oregon, protesting racism and police brutality earlier in July, were tear-gassed, beaten, seized off the street by unidentified, masked federal agents in camouflage and fatigues, hustled into unmarked vans and detained for hours. The agents were reported to work with the US Marshals Special Operations Group and Bortac, the Border Patrol Tactical Unit.”


Rosamond Press

Typically, Jeffress would be expected to break out another torturous, theologically loaded justification for Trump’s actions and statements.“”

I saw this coming…………..Pulp Politics!

I might may start a new blog with Nazi cult look.

‘The Passion of Saint Donald’



Robert Jeffress has made a career out of defending Trump theologically.
Olivier Douliery-Pool via Getty Images

Robert Jeffress, pastor at Dallas’s First Baptist Church and unofficial leader of Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory council, has made a career of defending Trump using Christian rhetoric.

A day after Trump made headlines by condemning immigrants from “shithole” countries, Jeffress released what has become a customary defense of Trump’s actions. What sets his reaction to the president apart this time, however, was the seeming lack of any theological basis whatsoever.

Typically, Jeffress would be expected to break out another torturous, theologically loaded justification for Trump’s actions and statements. In just one example…

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