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The Hypnotic Eye will be a new Pulp Fiction classic some day.

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I began The Hypnotic Private Eye’ over two years ago. I had just gotten to know Kim Hafner, and wrote her into another Detective idea. This is why I gave her my sister’s biography to read. I wanted her opinions that would go into my autobiography – and told her so! That she stabbed me in the back makes me suspect there is another rival book out there. I already have a suspect for Big Voo-Doo Butt Mouth, another neighbor who has been investigating me on the web, and, badmouthing me. These creeps have been practicing Christian Voo-doo on me, and sucking the life out of me.

Solomon Kane

The Hypnotic Private Eye



Caryl Chessman with Princess Marie Bonaparte (2 July 1882 – 21 September 1962) was a French author and psychoanalyst, closely linked with Sigmund Freud. Her wealth contributed…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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