Rosamond Clifford Dew

The Real Rose Line is born into my Rosy Family Tree.

Rosamond Press

What are the odd that I would find the name Rosamond in the genealogy of Robert Dew who is the father of my unborn granddaughter that I wanted to be named after My mother, Rosemary Rosamond, and aunt, Lillian Rosamond. This is pure prophecy! What more could a father-writer ask for! I m positive the Dews did not know they were kin to royalty.

John Presco

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Dew-Hatfield Benham-O’Sullivan Tree
Public Member Tree
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Rosamond Clifford Tomkyns Dew
Birth:  dd mm 1887 – city, London, England
Death:  date – Shropshire, England

F:Tomkyns Dew
M:Ada Isab

Tomkyns Dew

M, #648334
Last Edited=14 Oct 2018
     TomkynsDew is the son of TomkynsDew and AnneStyleman. He married Margaret BeatriceNapleton, daughter of ReverendTimothyNapleton and DecimaGreen.

Children of Tomkyns Dew and Margaret BeatriceNapleton

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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