I Predicted “holy war” Was Coming

John Wayne is going down! Who saw this coming?

Rosamond Press

Here is a video of Alley and Belle’s good buds going after a woman reporter – who I talked to! Angie is wearing a barrel. She loves to weaponize sex like Mathew Shea does – and most Christian leaders. Angie likes to get topless just before she is arrested so she can accuse the cops of copping a feel. Kim Haffner and Angie are made of the same stuff.

Kim Haffner, her family, and her fellow Evangelicals, launched a devious and slanderous campaign to have fellow neighbors see me as a threat. I can not tell you to what evil lengths these Lardos For Jesus have gone.  I have been given a Certificate of Sanity with the printing of this article by NPR. My credibility – SOARS! I am a Hero Journalist! I stood up to the Real Bad Guys like I did in Boston. The Mafia are anarchists and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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