The Rose of Bohemia Against the Ottoman Slave Masters

My great grandfather fought against slavery, with the permission of Thomas Jefferson who owned hundreds of slaves. His statue was torn down in Oregon several days ago.


The removal of the statue occurred Sunday night, after thousands of people gathered at Jefferson High for the 17th night protesting police killings of black Americans. Most of the crowd left, but a small group of protesters toppled the bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson, the school’s namesake, while a growing crowd stood around them.

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Gunboat Diplomacy & War Against White Slavery


The reason I hate evangelical leaders and teachers, is they depict the Democrats as the greatest evil their King Jesus ever faced. Many of these liars have gone to Bible college, thus they have to know Austria waged long wars against Turkey, and are credited with saving European Civilization. The Turks based their whole empire upon slavery. They loved to strip European girls naked and parade Christians amongst the purchasers – who also bought little boys. Good cross-dressers fetched a good price.

Boys were sold into the Caliphates army to fight his own people. I suspect many Kurds have blue eyes and blonde hair, because their ancestors were taken prisoner by  leaders like Erdogan who let ISIS come through Turkey to kill the Kurds – especially the women – who were not supposed to have…

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