Here I Am Movement

Here are some incredible images that Getty copyrighted and thus I can show them. There is a fence around the White House that goes with the boarded up church Trump stood in front of. The Christian President tried to capture our Democracy in the name of Jesus – for the benefit of his followers.

John ‘The Prophet’

According to another anonymous official, the nation’s top military officer, General Mark Milley, got into a ‘shouting match’ with Trump after the president spoke of his wish to end the country’s protests by bringing in active military forces.

The official told The New Yorker that Gen. Milley is said to have stayed firm, responding: ‘I’m not doing that. That’s for law enforcement.’

It’s unclear whether that incident took place in the same White House meeting on Monday where Trump told Esper that he wanted 10,000 troops.

I get 700 dollars to live on and have not charged a dime for my blog

I was offered money if I ran ads. I could have put up a donation flag. But I summon up that Sunday morning on Pine Street. Owsley has spent the night with Nancy. We partied with two members of the Jefferson Airplane. Graceful Carol lies next to me. And you can feel this magic in the air. SF was now the city of love. Making money was at the bottom of the list and remained there for a couple of years.

I was close to the manufacturers. Make Love Not War was not about sex. LSD was a tool employed to blow away all those ads and billboards that left humanit with just a slit to view tbe world. Love is what you got after the dollars signs faded away and you got the whole big picture of the universe. They saw hippies invented the internet with the publishing of the whole earth catalog.

If we keep accepting our world view comes with ads at the top and bottom with wild goose chases galore than thats who we are. I believe the BLM movement is the quest to own what really matters.

If God is Justice then He exist for all. His first question put to couple He created was..Where art thou?

Here I am

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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