Our Love Generation

When I took the train to Rhode Island in 1970, I stopped in Lincoln Nebraska to see Rena Christensen. I had a vision of renting an old farm house and I would have a studio in the barn where I would render large canvases of the most beautiful woman in the world who was attending the University of Nebraska. I did see doing images of us….Lovers! I do not recall seeing the work of Aldo Luongo who Ira Roberts promoted at the same time as Christine Rosamond. Three days ago I read he was friendly with Christine.

“Aldo remembers first seeing Rosamond’s work. “I had never seen anyone utilize negative space so well as Christine.”

At shows my sister was questioned as to whether or not she was a Lesbian because all her images were of women. Below is a image of me in Rosamond’s studio. I was going to be her first male subject. Yesterday I googled Aldo and was shocked to see we look alike. Christine was aware of this, and knew her friend would see this also. Aldo and Rosamond influenced each other’s work. Rosamond knew I was a heterosexual and had witnessed my love affair with Marilyn Godfrey who did some modeling. Melinda and I were lovers, and Raphael had the hots for me. We went to Lacienaga with Bryan McLean who was my friend, and then Christine’s lover. We inspired the song the song ‘Alone Again, or’. Bryan and my friend, Mark Owen, became Rosamond’s lover, and his father was going to marry Rosemary. Bryan sand at my wedding to Mary Ann Tharaldsen who was Thomas Pynchon’s lover. My ex did a life-size painting of her friend, Mimi Farina who I think is very beautiful. I got to dance with her.

Due to the coronavirus artists are selling on the internet. I believe folks with money are investing in – The Art Market! I now see how easily Christine and I were derailed due to the low self-esteem we suffered from. Our parent glommed on to all our creations, our beauty, even our lovers. I and done with my daughter who along with her family worked me, put me on the defensive. For the last twenty years I should have been painting. I did a quick watercolor of Heather when she was sixteen and intended to do more. I wanted my daughter to be a muse. Aldo did paintings of he and his daughter.  I was hoping Rena would send me copies of her photographs so I could do paintings from them.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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