I Was A Good Grandfather

When my daughter, Heather Hanson, was seventeen, several members suggested she not have an more contact with me. Indeed, it was a mistake to contact me, and, it was best if I was dead, or treated as if I was dead, or, was ever born. This is why Heather’s family and my own were not going to tell me Heather was going to have a child. I had not heard from her in two years. I found out from my Aunt Lillian.

Members of my family did not tell me my sister Vicki had died. I was not told my father was dead, and my mother was dying. How my sister Christine drowned has been a great mystery because several family members lied about what happened at Rocky Point. What is my crime that I am treated like this? Was I convicted of raping children. Did I cut off the heads of people I captured and store them in my freezer? No.

Two days ago, a new facebook friend said some employers take life insurance out on their employees so that when they die, they get a lot of money. My mother told me Christine mimicked Virginia Wolfe, and walked into the water – with stones in her pocket. This is to say she killed herself. When I talked to Stacey Pierrot a month after he boss died, she told me there was a Life Insurance policy that she turned over to one of the prospective Executors after Vicki Presco dropped out. Since 1994 I have had two suspects as to the identity of the owner of that policy. I conclude Mark Presco took out life insurance after lending our sister a large sum of money to hold shows in several cities. He knew Christine was suicidal. So did our mother. This is why the truth Christine killed herself had to be covered up.

When I began to ask good questions, and got very bad answers, I became a threat to all those who knew the truth. This is a constriacy to defraud. People could go to jail. When my daughter came into my life, Mark and his family were terrified because I had a miraculous ending to my autobiography. My daughter had to be lured away from me. It was hoped I would commit suicide.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Copyright 2020

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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