Dark Mark Presco

My brother, Mark Presco, took out a life insurance policy on our sister and covered up the truth she killed herself. This is a evil – demon! I was going to talk with my therapist about Mark and show her the images in the post below. I knew our father was mentally ill, and watched Mark lose his mind due to the abuse. I knew Rosemary was insane – and Christine was having a breakdown. Just now I see Mark and Vic through my mother’s eyes. Mark was her favorite and first born. Vic was the love of her life.  I was not like them to the point Vic declared I was not his son. Mark hated me the day I came home from the hospital. After I posted this I read a team of psychiatrist at Yale declared Trump was a dangerous, delusional paranoiac.

I was special and gifted. I was trying to heal everyone, even te children at school. I was a threat to Rosemary because Christine formed a close bond with me. This left Rosemary with Vic and Mark. There’s a good chance Trump may declare war on China before the elections.

John Presco




Rosamond Press

Shannon suggests Mark played a big role, he trying to control Rosamond’s success and failures – from the shadows. I suspect, incest. In this post of August of 2015, I compare him to Trump and Hitler – in another prophetic vision of bad things to come. Snyder puts Dark Mark at the kitchen table with us talking about art and other Bohemian matters. He went back to Oakland to finish he senior year. He abandoned his family. He was the eldest. Snyder calls me the eldest sibling several times. Why didn’t Mark correct Tom? This is more attempts to keep Dark Mark hidden. He ruses to pay taxes. When he came back to Glendon he got a job and went to Santa Monica City College. When he got married, he drover his wife’s best friend, Sue Lyon, to school.

I created a Beat Scene in West Los Angeles that Melinda…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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