Reclaiming Louisiana Territory For The Angvians

I made some outragious claims over the years. Today, you can’t give America away! It woudn’t mae the FREE box at any garage store. It’s too toxic and contaminated. New York is worthless, too. The Chlorine Don needs to resign!

Seer John

Rosamond Press

Above are photos of Virginia Hambley, and I protesting the second Iraq war. I am reminding people of Reagan’s ‘Evil Empire’ and claiming Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil’ is fake. That couple is her kindred in line for the throne of France.

Now that I am aware I am the embodiment of John Dee, and a descendant of Dee’s compatriots, the Rosenberg: and with Sir Francis Drake claiming California for Queen Elizabeth, my claim of the Lousiana Territory, is rendered more valid.

Both the Democrats and Republicans are failing to do their job during our Constitutional Crisis due to Rapture Rat Voters and the coming elections. I have warned my readers for fifteen years these hereitcs will take over, and destroy, our Democracy. Anticipating this sad state of affairs I claimed the Lousiana Territory.

My kindred, John Fremont, and the Benton family, secured California, and the Oregon Territory from…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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