I Am The Real James Bond

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What would James Bond be fighting for – today? They are looking at another black man to be Bond.  Is there a black culture that needs to be saved and promoted? Who is the enemy? Is Britain a world power like it used to be? White Nationalism has been big in Britain. Colonialism made The Empire.

Ricky Whittle stars in a series ‘American Gods’.  For some reason he becomes the leader and champion of Celtic Archetypes. A Leprechaun anoints him.  I am kin to Ian Fleming who had a good idea what values he was protecting and promoting when he created James Bond. Myths are important to the people who created them. My newspaper and blog is a Historic Site, founded to protect and promote Bohemian ideals in anticipation of a Devastating Attack. That attack, has arrived.

I find it curious that George Lucas wrote a novel title ‘Shadow Moon’. Did…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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