I Am The Real James Bond

What would James Bond be fighting for – today? They are looking at another black man to be Bond.  Is there a black culture that needs to be saved and promoted? Who is the enemy? Is Britain a world power like it used to be? White Nationalism has been big in Britain. Colonialism made The Empire.

Ricky Whittle stars in a series ‘American Gods’.  For some reason he becomes the leader and champion of Celtic Archetypes. A Leprechaun anoints him.  I am kin to Ian Fleming who had a good idea what values he was protecting and promoting when he created James Bond. Myths are important to the people who created them. My newspaper and blog is a Historic Site, founded to protect and promote Bohemian ideals in anticipation of a Devastating Attack. That attack, has arrived.

I find it curious that George Lucas wrote a novel title ‘Shadow Moon’. Did he defend his copyright? I know much about American Gods, and declared Rena Easton a goddess. In 1969 I declared myself a New Pre-Raphaelite and beheld the Rossetti family as a model. Joaquin Miller communicated with Michael Rossetti, the founder of ‘The Germ’. His father was a leader of Carbonari. My grandfathers were German Forty-eighters who fought Confederates in order to free black people. We are the New Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Check out Nappily Ever After. What is this? A flick for black people only?  I am not black and thus I do not have nappy hair. How can I relate? If a white actor was chosen to play the lead in Nappily Ever After 2, would this cause a racist commotion?  Birth of a Nation was made for white audiences only. My Bond novel features Victoria Bond. A few days ago I decided to install traces of white supremacy in her core being because of Steve King’s remarks. How would a white woman on the side of good deal with her racism? I was evicted from a Bond fan club after I announced my Bond was a woman. Should I make her a black woman who looks down her nose at white folks, because she is a superior person?

I just discovered Shadow Moon has a white wife, Laura Moon, that is resurrected from the dead – after the disclaimer she is not Jesus Christ. I think I will use this disclaimer to keep the mob from my door. However, this series is about old gods. Boundaries are being tested at your local theatre. Laura is a revenant.


Ian Fleming had his fictional Bond spouting sexist and racist ideas. Was Fleming a racist?

John Presco




Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity. The use of the term “racism” does not easily fall under a single definition.[1]

The ideology underlying racism often includes the idea that humans can be subdivided into distinct groups that are different due to their social behavior and their innate capacities as well as the idea that they can be ranked as inferior or superior.[2] Historical examples of institutional racism include the Holocaust, the apartheid regime in South Africa, slavery and segregation in the United States, and slavery in Latin America. Racism was also an aspect of the social organization of many colonial states and empires.

The Carbonari (Italian for “charcoal makers”) was an informal network of secret revolutionary societies active in Italy from about 1800 to 1831. The Italian Carbonari may have further influenced other revolutionary groups in France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Brazil and Uruguay.[1] Although their goals often had a patriotic and liberal basis, they lacked a clear immediate political agenda.[2] They were a focus for those unhappy with the repressive political situation in Italy following 1815, especially in the south of the Italian Peninsula.[2][3] Members of the Carbonari, and those influenced by them, took part in important events in the process of Italian unification (called the Risorgimento), especially the failed Revolution of 1820, and in the further development of Italian nationalism. The chief purpose was to defeat tyranny and to establish constitutional government. In the north of Italy other groups, such as the Adelfia and the Filadelfia, were associate organizations.[2][3]







In January 2016, it was announced that Whittle had been cast as Shadow Moon, the lead role in Starz television adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s 2001 novel American Gods opposite Ian McShane.[23] Though Whittle had no prior knowledge of the novel, he was a fan favourite pick to play Shadow when Starz announced the series in August 2015.[24][25] Out of the 2,000 audition tapes submitted, Whittle was chosen out of approximately 600 actors that met with the producers.[4] Whittle submitted 16 audition tapes over the five-month process.[4][26][27] In September 2017 Whittle was cast opposite Sanaa Lathan in the Netflix original film, Nappily Ever After based on the novel of same name by Trisha R. Thomas.[28] On April 16, 2018, it was announced that Whittle signed with talent agency William Morris Endeavor.[29]

American manifestations of the Old Gods, whose powers have waned as their believers have decreased in number, to participate in a battle against the New American Gods – manifestations of modern life and technology, such as the Internet, media, and modern means of transport. Shadow meets a leprechaun named Mad Sweeney who gives Shadow a magical gold coin after Shadow beats him in a fight. Shadow tosses the coin into his wife’s grave, inadvertently bringing her back from the dead as a semi-living revenant.

The New Gods abduct Shadow (utilizing a group of shadowy Men in Black led by the mysterious Mr. World), but Laura rescues him, killing several Men in Black in the process. Wednesday hides Shadow first with some Egyptian gods who run a funeral parlor in Illinois, and then in the Great Lakes community of Lakeside. They are pursued all the while by the Men in Black, particularly Mr. Town, who blames Shadow for the death of his friends.

The New Gods seek to parley with Wednesday, but murder him at the meeting. This act galvanizes the Old Gods and they rally to face their enemies in battle at Rock City. While retrieving Wednesday’s body, Shadow is surprised to discover his old prison cellmate and mentor, Low Key Lyesmith, is working as a driver for the new gods. Shadow is bound by his contract with Wednesday to hold his vigil by re-enacting Odin’s time hanging from a “World Tree” while pierced by a spear. He is visited by Horus, who is mad from living too long as a hawk. Shadow dies and visits the land of the dead, where he is judged by Anubis. Shadow learns that he is Wednesday’s son, conceived as part of the deity’s plans. During this time Mr. Town arrives at the World Tree, ordered by Mr. World to cut a branch from the World Tree.

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