John and Noah

I have considered if I am Noah.

John The Prophet

Jon, Noah, and Rosamond






One could say I am the return of Noah, and this blog is God’s Ark wherein its hold are stored THE NAMES that will be saved. JONATHAN means ‘The Gift of God’ ROSAMOND means ‘The Rose of the World’. These two names can mean the Gift of Eternal Life given to those who ROSE FROM THE DEAD. In Mathew 27:53 we see many saints rose from the dead just after Jesus says; “It is done!” What the Go-el Redeemer meant by this, is, The New Heaven and Earth has been installed. God’s Kingdom has come to dwell on Earth.
When I died, I saw a great Ark resting upon the horizon of the sea.

Last night I went to the Poetry Slam at the Tsunami Books Store in Eugene, and sat in the front row. Before the contest began, the MC was having trouble with the mike that was omitting static.

“Some kind of strange sea sound!” she said.
“Tsunami!” I offered, and was given a prize for the shortest and most powerful poem of the evening – in jest!

In the painting above it looks like the Go’el Redeemer is holding up a boarding list. How many Christians are missing the boat as I type because they have surrounded hungry children like vultures, and are grabbing the food out of their mouths.


Jon the Nazarite

Who is Jonitus?

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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