The Art Decco Tower of Richfield

Seer John has spoke about the doomsday clock,

Rosamond Press

I was just about to lie down and take my old man nap, when I picked up my cellphone. One more question, please! Who is Paul Hastings who is a partner of David Hamsher, who I just sent an insolent e-mail to?

(gulp!) Talk about David going up against Goliath! But, I am an old man now, an ancient Nazarite like Samuel, John, and Samson. What chance do I have? Who was behind the tearing down of the Richfield Tower? Since I have been looking at the defunct California Barrel Company, I have the impression these law firms exist to destroy the little people, the old man who wants the old stuff – preserved! There are guys like me all over the world – who dare stand in the way of progress! They battle windmills!

I am getting a vision of Paul and David raging around the office overlooking Los…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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