Heather Is Your Daughter – Alone!

Alas I get it….Heather’s grandmother, Betty, was a severe alcoholic who was committed several times, and probably was drunk when she jumpped off a ciff and killed herself. The lenghts children will go to to protect an alcoholic mother is devastating to everyone. This is why I was disowned, bannished, and unborn – and Christine! We were both writing recovery novels. This is why my mother blessed Pierrot at the funeral. They had found my sisters auto-biography. Rosemary got behind Mark and Vicki. Linda Comstock undermined me.

Sports stadiums have been closed. I saw the future in m book ‘Bond of Nebraska’.


John Presco

Rosamond Press


In claiming my daughter unto myself, only, is a process of freeing my daughter and myself from The Tyranny of Fear Patrice Hanson put children and adults through. She told me Randy’s family are Sicilians gangsters who would hurt me. Randy was in front of my home telling my friends he was going to kill me with the baseball bat he had in his hand. A couple of my friends wanted to hurt him. Patrice is a control freak addicted to chaos and violence due to her violent and insane parents.

When I met Patrice’s daughter-in-law, she said she met David’s aunts who knew Angela Davis. David was one of the sons I took in my home. His father was a Black Panther who died in a fire in Chicago. David named his son Malcom, after Malcom X. I was not told the details. In 1971 I took the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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