“Don’t do this to John”


Do It To John

An idea for Quibi ten minute movie based upon real life – if you want to call it that. This is like a Sam Spade story of a large woman out for revenge after she felt she was rejected for her obesity.

John Presco a.k.a. Doc Savage

Copyrght 2020

Kim Haffner wanted to see me dragged off to the Johnson Unit where she worked. She told me she thought our neighbor was insane. She was thrilled at the idea I would go to the JU instead of Cheryl. She wanted all our neighbors to see me taken away in a straight jacket, like Cheryl! This was some sort of Women’s Revenge and Transference. Cheryl will be made whole while I am being hit with a shot of thorazine in a padded cell.



Rosamond Press

If you took a survey, 99% of males would say the last thing they want is a crazy woman to come to their door – and go crazy! After Kim movied in, she noticed our neighbor – was crazy! Kim Hafner complained about the glitter Cheryl threw all over our stairs, claiming we like the glitter. Kim said it was all over her carpet. I told her about the horrific pounding noise I got from time and suggested this was being done to get my attention. Kim said she understood, having worked on the John Unit.

After twenty minutes of crashing and banging, I called Kim and had her call Cheryl. I heard her phone ring, but, Cheryl did not pick up. Five minutes later, I hear this scraping sound at my door, I open it and Cheryl collapses and falls inside my home. She is screaming

“CALL 991!”


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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