“Don’t do this to John”

If you took a survey, 99% of males would say the last thing they want is a crazy woman to come to their door – and go crazy! After Kim movied in, she noticed our neighbor – was crazy! Kim Hafner complained about the glitter Cheryl threw all over our stairs, claiming we like the glitter. Kim said it was all over her carpet. I told her about the horrific pounding noise I got from time and suggested this was being done to get my attention. Kim said she understood, having worked on the John Unit.

After twenty minutes of crashing and banging, I called Kim and had her call Cheryl. I heard her phone ring, but, Cheryl did not pick up. Five minutes later, I hear this scraping sound at my door, I open it and Cheryl collapses and falls inside my home. She is screaming

“CALL 991!”

I am talking to 911, when, her caregiver comes up the steps. I hand her my phone. The rescue people show up, and take Cheryl to the Johnson Unit.

The next day, Kim tells me the caretaker went to her can and had a cigarette for 15 minutes. Do the math. When she took her break, Cheryl began throw a fit – and heavy objects on the floor. She does not pick up for Kim, and shout.

“Call 911!”

This is a fake911 call, which is against the law. The mental illness – is real! This crazy woman is obsessed about me! Lucky me! Kim joins her, because I was not showing her enough attention – too!

In the top photo, I am taking back my phone. My privacy – is lost! They know I am writing books – on the other side of my closed door! Two months later, Cheryl tries to get in my house – wearing her pajamas!

How many millions of males all over the world – fear this kind of thing? I still wonder if Cheryl was trying to set me up. Did she want her caretaker to be a witness when she came back from her cigarette break? Cheryl threw off her lasses and started shouting very loudly. The 911 operator had me move away from this devious nut, so she could hear me. I MADE this call, therefor I am in the loop of the Police and Rescue People. Kim Haffner declares a neighborhood emergency in regards to the fake article Alley Valkyrie posted on a fake abuser site.

Trump, who abused many women, was just found innocent.

John Presco



Cathy Heller first spoke to The Guardian newspaper about an alleged incident she said happened at a Mother’s Day brunch at Mar-a-Lago. She repeated her claims to ABC News and said she believes it happened in 1997.

She put her hand out to say hello to Trump and he grabbed her unexpectedly and started to kiss her on the lips, Heller told ABC News. She said she pulled away and he said, “Oh, come on.” She said no but he grabbed her again and got near her lips, Heller told ABC News. She said this happened in front of her family.

The Guardian reported that Heller’s family is in a dispute with Mar-a-Lago regarding their efforts to get refunds of dues, and that Cathy Heller was a Clinton supporter who donated the personal maximum of $2,700 to the Clinton campaign.

After her story appeared in The Guardian, the Trump campaign released a statement Oct. 15, 2016, saying that it was a “false accusation.”

“There is no way that something like this would have happened in a public place on Mother’s Day at Mr. Trump’s resort. It would have been the talk of Palm Beach for the past two decades,” the campaign’s then-senior communications adviser Jason Miller said.

In late-November 2017, after Trump began questioning the veracity of the 2005 Access Hollywood tape and commented on male public figures who had lost their jobs over sexual harassment allegations, Heller told People magazine that Trump “is a hypocrite.”

“I don’t think he should be calling out anyone for sexual harassment or sexual assault, but I don’t think he can control himself,” Heller told the magazine.

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    Kim Haffner wanted to see me dragged off to the Johnson Unit where she worked. She told me she though our neighbor was insane. She was thrilled at the idea I would go to the JU instead of Cheyl. She wanted all our neighbors to see me taken away in a straight jacket like Cheyrl was.

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