How uncanny that Thomas Pyncon’s naming of his character is associated with Dan Brown who was sued by Baigent and Leigh. Everything is coming together, the future and the past are going to merge in my West Side Love Dance Broadway Smash!

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Fair Rosamund and Queen Eleanor 1862 Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt 1833-1898 Presented by J.R. Holliday through the Art Fund 1923

Stones and Thorns


John Presco

Copyright 2019

Chapter Two

Welcome to Dewville the home of the Plantagenet Elite

When Danny Dew and Poppy drove into town, it didn’t take long to find their new home. It was the one with the big boulder in front. There were some old Christmas Tree lights strung over it.

‘I hope this stone isn’t the main attraction, and, there’s something to do in this hick town!” exclaimed Poppy, as she lowered her L.A. shades.

“I thought you liked hick towns.” Danny jibed.

“Yeah! But not – real hick towns!”

It was Poppy who read the fine print and discovered the home they inherited was in Texas, and not England. After losing their home in the Kincaid Fire, they were desperate for…

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