Vindman and Easton Prophecy

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer delivers a speech during a re-dedication ceremony for the USS John S. McCain at the U.S. Naval base in Yokosuka, southwest of Tokyo, Thursday, July 12, 2018. Spencer dedicated one of two destroyers involved in fatal accidents in the Pacific last year to Sen. John McCain. He added McCain’s name to a Japan-based warship that was already named for the Arizona senator’s father and grandfather. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

The end of our Democracy – is at hand!

The White House plans to transfer Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, whose testimony in the House impeachment hearings infuriated President Trump and his allies, out of the National Security Council staff as early as Friday, two senior administration officials said.

Mr. Trump essentially confirmed the move in brief comments with reporters before leaving on a day trip to North Carolina. “I’m not happy with him,” the president said of Colonel Vindman. His senior officials, he added, would inform the colonel of his future soon. “They’ll make that decision.”

It was not immediately clear where he would next be sent within the Defense Department, one administration official said, but Colonel Vindman is on active duty in the military.

When I took the job [as Navy secretary] I came in as a grown-up,” said Spencer, a former Marine aviator and a lifelong Republican. “Every morning I put my resignation paper in my pocket so [I} could speak truth.”

“I took my stand, the president took his. It’s all over.” said Spencer.

“This decision here is for the good of the country,” she said. “Loyalty is to the country, not to a person.”

Rosamond Press

I just watched Laura Ingraham launch the most insane and insipid propaganda attacks in the history of the world. She demands all the Intelligences Agencies be defunded, or a done away with. This crazy woman insists there exist a Deep State that invents lies just to do away with Trump. She and her evangelical lunatics can not face simple facts. They believe Trump was sent by God! I told you this was coming! I am one of the sanest people on the planet!

John Presco

Fox News host Laura Ingraham questioned Army Lt. Col Alexander Vindman patriotism in advance of the National Security Council official’s testimony Tuesday in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump by suggesting the official was working as a double agent.

In a segment which aired Mnday night on “The Ingraham Angle, the Fox News host briefly mentioned that Vindman had “twice reported objections over…

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