Berlin Way on Peralta Creek

My mother told us the Stuttmeisters were Teutonic Knights who are associates with the Prussians. I was born on Berlin Way that was in the Fruit Vale, a separate city of German People that became a part of Oakland.

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It looks like the Stuttmeister home and orchard was on Peralta Creek that has it’s source near Joaquin Miller’s house in the Hights. Rosemary said Maple St. was one of the streets William Stuttmeister and his kin, William Beyer, built over forty homes. This land looks like it belonged to the Peralta family. This creek is being restored and seen as a historic site. Oakland is a young city. It grew fast. Now, as it ages, historians are going back and cleaning up after these history. My family will be seen as Pioneers, folks who built Oakland, and contributed to its Arts.

Captain Gregory


Untitled, 8/13/04, 4:36 PM, 8C, 4676x4646 (3242+3779), 108%, bent 6 stops, 1/60 s, R80.5, G62.4, B66.1 Untitled, 8/13/04, 4:36 PM, 8C, 4676×4646 (3242+3779), 108%, bent 6 stops, 1/60 s, R80.5, G62.4, B66.1


n 1842, apparently believing it was time to settle his estate, eighty-three-year-old Luís María Peralta journeyed to the rancho in order to divide the rancho land among…

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