The Fantastic Cuckoldry of Muriel and Spencer


A Seasonal Pomegranate


John Presco

Whether you’ve heard the word “cuckold” from English poet and playwright William Shakespeare or from white nationalist punching-bag Richard Spencer, the meaning is usually negative. The term describes a man whose wife has cheated on him, calling into question his masculinity. But a new analysis now casts cuckoldry in a new light, as psychologists who focus on sexuality say that a remarkable number of Americans find pleasure and empowerment by entertaining and engaging in cuckold fantasies.

SPENCER: “Guess who called me from Argentina?”

MURIEL: “I have no idea!”

“Fredrich von Holstein!”

“You’re still in touch with that fucking Nazi!”

“He’s your acquaintance. He came up to our outdoor table in Naples! You’re being unfair. He was only a Nazi Wanna-be. Anyway, he was raving about the pomegranate wine he is producing, which reminded me of the time you sent me out to fetch us some pomegranates. We were about to engage in a Roma style orgy – of two!”

“While in Rome, do as the Roman’s do! But, as I recall, you came back to our hotel – without any pomegranates. I told you “No pussy for you if you come back without them!” You were gone two hours!.”

“Hmm! two hours. Yes! I was frantic. I searched for them everywhere. Well, Fredrich just told me the season for pomegranates is different in the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Fredrich told me – you knew that. What I am wondering, is, how did he know…..that you knew? When did you know?

It’s all coming back to me. When we were checking out I was surprised to see Fredrich coming out of the room across the hall.”

“I told you I thought he was a Nazi spy. I think he us spying on us!”

“Why would he spy on us?”

“Because we went boating on Lake Como with Lord Mountbatten who sent you to go get some petrol when we ran out of gas.”

To be continued


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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