Mr. and Mrs. Progressive America

Last night I read most of ‘Recollections of Elizabeth Benton Fremont’ and found mention of Elizabeth Blair Lee. I googled her, and found Samuel Phillip Lee, her husband. I am related to this couple, who are kin to Robert E. Lee. The Benton family is kin to the Lees, and the famous Preston family – and so am I via my Rosamond – and Benton ancestors! Blair House is the ancestral home of this family. When Barack Obama was elected President, he was blocked from staying at Blair House, a National Tradition. The blockade was lifted due to public outrage.

“You will not pass!”

Elizabeth Lee and Jessie Fremont corresponded. They wrote about the dilemma of slavery and how it divided the Nation. Jessie wrote a journal of her husband’s expedition into The West. All of a sudden, I realized that my newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press, has been carrying on the same issues that perplexed my DNA material, and, these issues have not been resolved! I have hopped on a Journalistic Merry-go-Round, and contributed to the ongoing Culture Warfare – that is on the BRINK OF DISTRUCTION!

This morning I read an article about Derschowitz, who is on the President’s legal team. He has a very convoluted strategy that defies description. I am reminded of the prattle of Jewish and Christian Zionists, who bend light about corners in order to sustain – what can’t be sustained! It’s over! These two nations have put in power VERY BAD MEN to go with Bad Man Putin and that Mullah in Iran. Then there is Erdgaon, the Evil One of Turkey. These nations are on the brink of Civil War. As before, the answer is to give Bad Men unlimited power, even if it is prejudiced and racist!

Then there is the asking of WHY ARE WOMEN VOTING FOR TRUMP? Well, these three women have the answer, and, its a 160 years old! But, how many white – and black -women want to read their words?

What divides these white women from the Native Americans and Black Slaves – is their EDUCATION! They can read and write. They have things to write about, like the history of their ancestors – who owned books! Jessie wrote about her father’s library. Ed Ray set up a Shame Shrine on his University, so his non-white students can come and pray!

“Shamed a white man in his name – ZARDOZ!”

“Lusted after a white woman in his name – ZARDOZ!”

In another book Jessie writes about the show the Indians put on for Washington Irving in Saint Louis. Jessie got scared when they did war dances. She writes about the wild singing and chanting from the slaves as they loaded paddle-wheelers. This is the root of Gospel. Too bad Jessie didn’t have her I-phone with her so we can have a audio record.

Democrats were treated to a spectacle at their last debate, when Pocahontas attacks the Old Jewish Wizard Sage.

“Did you say I was a liar?”

Elizabeth Fremont, at fourteen, writes about her father’s choice during his run for the White House. His kin wanted him to be Pro-Slavery. Lizzy hints if he had gone with the flow, she would have been flaunting her education before the heads of state – and royalty!

As for the Fremont property at Black Point, she wrote her father purchased twelve acres from a SF banker, and rented their house when they moved to New York to run their campaign.

Four score years later, President Trump is raging at, and insulting his Military Brass. I think Derchowitz is next, because Donald knows Constitutional Law better than – anyone born! Trump is not educated, and, is unteachable! For three days I have been listening to the Talking Heads and shouting;

“What the hell are you talking about?”

When A FOOL dictates the core of our cultural conversations, you get SUB-FOOLS – GALORE! There’s a thousand ways to describe a fool?

“Shamed a fool in his name – ZARDOZ!”

I just heard Trump called Ms. Dershowitz and begged her to let her husband be his attorney.

“Hired a attorney in his name – ZARDOZ!”

Dershowitz and the Republicans want Democrats to admit they made it all up, and go back to what they do best – RIOT – so white folks will get sacred, and support Trump – and Israel!

“Raised an army in his name – ZARDOZ!”

Everyone in the British Isles is talking abut the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – like I have been doing – for years! My neighbors and Alleybelle said I was insane because I puts on airs. Am I…………….ZARDOZ?

Men with guns are flocking to Virginia, where the Lees lived. The Mayor and  citizens, are afraid!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Elizabeth Blair Lee (born June 20, 1818, Kentucky; died September 13, 1906)[1] was an American woman who lived through the American Civil War, and wrote hundreds of letters[2] describing the events of the times to her husband, Samuel Philips Lee.


She was born in Kentucky to Francis Preston Blair and Eliza Violet Gist Blair. She was the sister of Montgomery Blair, James Blair, and Francis Preston Blair, Jr. When the family moved to Blair House across the street from the White House, the President, Vice-President and Cabinet members were frequent guests. Elizabeth’s best friend was President Andrew Jackson‘s young niece, Emily Donelson,[citation needed] who served as First Lady for her uncle, whose wife had died. Elizabeth lived in the White House one winter because of her health problems from dampness at Blair House. According to one version of the story,[3] Elizabeth was present with her father when they chanced upon the silver-flecked spring which would inspire the name of the family’s summer home in what would eventually become Silver Spring, Maryland. The spring site is memorialized at Silver Spring’s Acorn Park though the water source was disrupted in the 1950s.

She married Rear Admiral Samuel Phillips Lee, a U.S. Navy officer during the Civil War. Her letters to her husband, who was away for long periods as commander of the USS Philadelphia, describe wartime life in her homes of Washington, D.C. and Silver Spring, Maryland, during the war. Elizabeth was the mother of Blair Lee, a U.S. senator from Maryland.

Remember, Lord, what the Edomites did
    on the day Jerusalem fell.
Tear it down,” they cried,
    “tear it down to its foundations!”
8 Daughter Babylon, doomed to destruction,
    happy is the one who repays you
    according to what you have done to us.
9 Happy is the one who seizes your infants
    and dashes them against the rocks.

When President Trump decided early in his administration to pressure fellow NATO members to spend more on their military budgets, he threatened to pull out of the alliance.

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