Seeking To Sue The Royal Firm

Breaking news says Queen Elizabeth has broken all ties with Harry and Meghan, who will not be able to use their title. I am now seeking a good attorney to file a class action suit against the Queen and the Royal Firm. I am seeking damages against the Windsor House of Saxe-Coburg for their roll in prolonging the Civil War, by siding with the South, and, by terrorizing the people of California and Oregon with the Sudanese Slave Warriors – and the French Foreign Legion! How many black slaves lost their lives do to these Royals? The Civil War would have ended much sooner if not for the threats that came from Buckingham, and Windsor palace. The plan was to have America Brothers kill each other until our Nation was weak. Then the British and French – who were close kin – would attack!

At the Portland Historic Society, I read a letter written by Jessie Benton-Fremont where she promises a British official her father and the Fremonts that they will not ingage in the Slave Trade in the Oregon Territory, and thus the lands John Astor sold to Britian to avoid the invasion of 1812, can be sold back to Americans. This is a binding contract that was broken when the British and the French invaded Mexico in order to collect a debt ( or so they say). There is evidence these Hostile Foreign Nations wanted to settle an old score, being, to take over our Democracy, and have the descendant of King George rule America again!

The descendants of black Slaes are suing for compensation. Meghan Markel’s mother descends from slaves. The are American Citizens. The Royal Firm caused my kindred to lose much prestige – after he emancipated the first slaves in the New World! This Terrorist Attack on the North American Continent, cost the Fremonts – millions! Remember, the British came across the pond – to collect a debt! It was not the debt of the American People! Someone must pay for damages!

Princess Charlotte is of The Blood Royal, and is buried at St. George’s Cathedral where Harry and Meghan got married, and where my great grandfather, William Wilson, is buried. She is the mother of the Empress Carlota of Mexico! What I contend, is, the Royal Firm does not want to be contained to their palaces, and be left alone. Settling scores – is in their blood! I am suing to make sure both Meghan and Harry are interred alongside William Wilson – a Man of God!

Under the Freedom of Information Act, that I expect the Windsors to honor, I want all letters and papers pertaining to the treachery in Mexico, sent to me. Did Lincoln strike a secret deal with the European Terrorists? I suspect John Fremont, on orders of the United States Government, took action against Native Americans that were hired by British agents, to harass Fremont’s small Western Army. There were spies that reported Fremont’s moves. This was a typical tactic back East, to pay for Native Mercenaries.

I will design a new coat of arms for these Orphans! They will find Sanctuary in the New World! They are – OUT IN THE WORLD! This will be their motto!

So be it!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press,_Duchess_of_Sussex

Members of the Markle and Ragland families have been related by marriage to the British royal family since the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, on May 19, 2018, when Meghan became the Duchess of Sussex. Almost a year later, on 6 May 2019, Meghan gave birth to a baby boy, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor. The Markle (formerly spelled Merckel) family is of German descent and originates in Alsace on the modern French–German border, and Meghan’s paternal ancestors moved to the United States in the 17th century; among her father’s other ancestors are American settlers of English, Dutch, and Irish descent. The Ragland family is of African American descent, and Meghan’s maternal ancestors were enslaved in the U.S. state of Georgia.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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