Eric Richardson’s Tribe Wins Rigged Election

It’s 12:45 and I can’t shut it down! The Examiner’s article about Fremont, along with the NPR treeatment, opens up a real can of anti-intillectual worms. Men of color are re-training young white women so they will not have children that will be like their white fathers. They have replaced Mother Goose, with………..BROTHER GOOSE! You got to laugh!

Here are the Sudanese Slave Warriors of Mexico. Will they swoop across the border and butcher all those redheaded Scot-Irish families Senator Thomas Hart Benton personally recruited from the Ozarks – and shoved on covered wagons heading to the Oregon Territory – where no black folks were allowed. These real Rednecks hated the plantations their Peckerwood cousins owned in the South. They saw how jaded – and trapped they were! Benton was concerned about it appearing Oregon was going to be a slave state. Not with any black folk in it, it could not be!

Rosamond Press

Ten months ago I stood before the Springfield City Council, and a group soliciting ideas for Franklin Street, and suggested a name change.

The City of Eugene called for INDIVIDUAL citizens to submit names for three new streets. The call did not bid ORGANIZED GROUPS to submit names! Eric is the head of the NAACP.  He belongs to many groups because he is one of the few black activists. All he, and his tribal leaders, had to do, is announce there is a racial contest going on, and, here is another chance for people of color, and Native Americans, to sock it to the White Man. On October 3rd. the city site crashed. Was he at a public school rally?

I demand an investigation! There already is the Mim’s house, and a plaque to Wiley – thanks to Eric – who I have known for years. He snubbed several…

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