Ukraine Prophecy

I had visions about the Ukraine jet that was shot down, so much so that I addressed Cees Roozemond.

Seer Jon

Open Letter To Mr. Roozemond

All day long visions of my novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ overwhelmed me. I am experiencing a flood of creativity and inspiration. I now know what my book is about. I knew it would come to me if I stayed the course and trusted my inspiration. I was shown this opening scene. Turn down volume on first video.

This letter is still be composed.

Dear Roozemond. I was looking at your video today, and for one minute I beheld how great you are. I know your daughter wants to be great, too.

I believe most of the people of the world want to be seen as great. How can we, the people, bring that choice to the multitude……

John Presco

Rosamond Press

Last night I watched Maddow run down the whole Ukraine oligarch conspiracy. Ukraine released a M-17 suspect to the Russians that the Dutch Government wanted to question. This happened a week ago. I was not aware when I posted my letter to Cees Roozemond, the father of Lara Roozemond, who has not indicated to me she wants to play Victoria Bond, or, is happy I have used her as my model-muse.

President Trump confirmed Tuesday that he withheld military aid from Ukraine, saying he did so over his concerns that the United States was contributing more to Ukraine than European countries were.

“My complaint has always been, and I’d withhold again and I’ll continue to withhold until such time as Europe and other nations contribute to Ukraine because they’re not doing it,” Trump told reporters at the United Nations General Assembly.

Trump was responding to reporting by The Washington Post

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