The Gingrich Who Stole X-Mas

I am having much trouble writing the first chapter of my autobiography because it discribes the twenty-five foot long french fry cutter machine my brother and I were forced to opparate when we were eleven and twelve. It was very dangerous, and thus to be put to work on it violated Child Labor Laws. I don’t know how we did, how we survived. The psychological damage is incalculable.

At my doctors appointment on December 26th. I asked to see the therapist in residence. I told her the falling out with my daughter and grandson was over this machine, and Heather’s new lover, ‘Psycho Billy’. The Janitor makes her first appearance in this post. When Rena told me her father brutalized her and her brother, I understood she was more than my lover and muse. She was like a sister, but, she was something more. We were abandoned, and thrown away, when the damage our fathers did to us was no longer invisible. We were damaged goods, and outsiders began to notice. We are….EVIDENCE!

The U.S. Department of Labor is the sole federal agency that monitors child labor and enforces child labor laws. The most sweeping federal law that restricts the employment and abuse of child workers is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Child labor provisions under FLSA are designed to protect the educational opportunities of youth and prohibit their employment in jobs that are detrimental to their health and safety. FLSA restricts the hours that youth under 16 years of age can work and lists hazardous occupations too dangerous for young workers to perform. Enforcement of the FLSA’s child labor provisions is handled by the Department’s Wage and Hour Division.

Rosamond Press

New Gingrich suggested that all union janitors be fired in all schools, and replaced with a Master, or Boss Man Janitor, who will teach school children how to do janitorial work – and get paid! When I was young, telling your schoolmate he will grow up to be a janitor – was a cut-down! Now, thanks to Uncle Grinch, you don’t have to wait til you grow up to be a janitor. Of course these jobs will go to the most needy of children – because the un-needy children won’t touch them! This is Scapegoating by a Master parasite, a Leach who was elected by the people, for the people, and uses his office influence to enrich himself – at the encpence of poor children – too!

My friend keeps telling me my blog is like the Oracle of Delphi, I having the ability to see into the future, and…

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