“Regarding the continuation of our dialogue till the end of Trump’s presidency, you make it sound as if it’s already coming to an end,” Putin said answering a question about whether Russia has a strategy for continuing the dialogue with the US until the end of Trump’s presidency.
“I actually really doubt that it is ending, it still has to go through Senate where as far as I know the Republicans hold the majority so it’s unlikely they will want to remove the representative of their party for some made-up reasons.”


Around 1:30 P.M. yesterday I finished composing ‘I Take This Woman’ and turned on my T.V. I saw my Congressman, Peter DeFazio, sitting behind a Congresswoman who was declaring she is going to vote for Impeachment. I did not know that Peter spoke an hour earlier. I got on the phone with his office and talked with a woman about the Washington Post article of 2016. She googled it, and was amazed as I was. I told her we got to get this to the Congressman in order to save the Republic.


“In the wake of a new Washington Post report showing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaking in very lewd terms about women in 2005, some Republicans are calling for Trump to step down as nominee.” (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)

This article destroys the Republican defense that declares the Democrats had it out for Trump and the Republicans – before he was elected! She said she would pass it on. Then I heard Putin declaring his buddy Trump – WAS FRAMED! My jaw dropped. This hostile foreign leaders is parroting the main Republican talking point – that I set out to destroy by calling my Congressman. Who did you call? Ghostbusters?

When I awoke around 7:30 A.M. my Muse said this;

“Putin destroyed the Republican Party. Talk to Paul Ryan!”

This reporter would love to get on the phone with Ryan, and get him to tell the truth. He is being blamed from Trump’s Impeachment. Putin is not being blamed for our President’s Impeachment. I then looked at all my Lunatic Posts where I declared the Republican Party, DEAD, and demanded all the Traitors;


I have to make my Presidential bid, official, because, I might be the Last Republican Standing, because, Witch Nancy may have set a trap by getting all elected Republican Rats to board a SINKING SHIP, and then the curtain opens to reveal ‘The Hidden Whistleblower’ – who pulls the plug on them all!

“Et tu, Melania?!”

“I love my adoptive country!”

One by one, Russian Citizens watched the Republicans come to the mike and declare their hatred for The Truth, the GOP, and this Democracy. Only propaganda matters – now! Real History will scrutinize Real Facts until the elections of 2020 – and beyond! There are more albatrosses – to come! Everyone of them will be hung around the neck of the Republish Testifiers who compared Trump to Jesus at Pearl Harbor. When POTUS attacked the Dingell family, I considered this his devious message to his partner, Putin.

“I can do anything to them….grab their pussies, insult whoever I want, and my people don’t care! Our party doesn’t care. WE have rendered them brain-dead! Why didn’t you try to stop me! Hardy! har! har! You must hate the American People!”

My Angelic-Muse is telling me the leaders of the Russian Orthodox church are taking credit for the Republican Party embracing the Doctrine of the Russian Jesus. Like America, this church is struggling with FAITH-BASED POLITICS. They must produce. Patriarch, Kirill ordered the swinging of incense about the big screen T.V. as he watched in wonder as Jesus of Moscow used the party founded by my kindred, John Fremont, and Jessie Benton, to get The New Empire’s Message across. Everyone of these Republicans for Moscow Jesus allowed THE SEAL OF THE DOUBLE EAGLE to be placed upon their testimony. They have all been – SEALED UP! Herbert Armstrong, and Ronald Reagan, are rolling over in their graves!

DO SOMETHING! Call your Democratic Congress People and thank them for defending our Nation from its enemies! The elected Republicans are now Putin’s Cyber-bots! They are coming with their hoard of Truth Haters! We must go on the attack! I found the ‘Give us back our worthy opponents brigade!’ Meet Krill’s Holy Russian Army when they go on the campaign trail. Shout;

“Who are you? What have you done with the real Republican candidates! Give us back our worthy and honorable opponents who have America’s best interests at heart. Down with Kirill The Terrible – the Russian Rasputin!”

Carry an image of Rasputin to all their townhalls. Remind the republican candidates that they did not swear allegiance to our nation, but to allegiance to one man. They did not denounce Putin, or reassure the citizens of Ukraine, they got their back. Many elected Republicans claim they are evangelicals who love Jesus. Historian will look at this religious aspect introduced into our National Archives…. for a very long time! Their allegiance to God, may have missed the mark. Putin’s jaw dropped when Moscow Mitch told the Democrats they can keep their Impeachments – away from the Senate – where Democratic Senators are held hostage. Will they hold a walk-out? Putin hopes so!

My camera malfunctioned and I only got two seconds of my history call to DeFazio headquarters.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

The close relationship between American evangelicals and Russia has lately been discussed widely in the news media. In particular, the Justice Department unsealed a criminal complaint in July against a Russian woman, Maria Butina, for trying to use the National Prayer Breakfast, a star-studded affair, as a “back channel of communication” with prominent American religious and political leaders.

Among them is Franklin Graham, son of the well-known evangelist, Billy Graham, and head of the influential Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

In 2015, Graham famously visited Russia, where he had a warm meeting with President Vladimir Putin. On that trip, Putin reportedly explained that his mother had kept her Christian faith even under communist rule. Graham in turn praised Putin for his support of Orthodox Christianity, contrasting Russia’s “positive changes” with the rise of atheistic secularism in the U.S.

But it was not always so. Once upon a time, American evangelicals saw the Soviet Union and other communist countries as the world’s greatest threat to their faith.


The coat of arms of the Russian Federation derives from the earlier coat of arms of the Russian Empire which was abolished with the Russian Revolution in 1917. Though modified more than once since the reign of Ivan III (1462–1505), the current coat of arms is directly derived from its mediaeval original, with the double-headed eagle having Byzantine and earlier antecedents from long before the emergence of any Russian state. The general tincture corresponds to the early fifteenth-century standard.[citation needed] The shape of the eagle can be traced back to the reign of Peter the Great (1682–1725), although the eagle charge on the present coat of arms is golden rather than the traditional, imperial black.

In cultural and social affairs the Church under Kirill has collaborated closely with the Russian state under President Vladimir Putin.[1] Patriarch Kirill has backed the expansion of Russian power into Crimea and eastern Ukraine




Dec 18, 2019

Press Release

Rep. Peter DeFazio today released the following statement ahead of the House of Representatives’ vote to impeach President Donald Trump:

“Today is a dark day for both our country and our representative democracy.

I fully support the articles of impeachment drafted by the House Judiciary Committee and will be voting in favor of them today.

Impeachment is the most serious responsibility granted to Congress by our Constitution. This vote is not something I take lightly, but the case is clear-cut: President Trump has violated his oath of office and betrayed the Constitution and the American people.

He has admitted to soliciting assistance from a foreign leader to interfere with our elections and to aid his political campaign. His own chief of staff has admitted that he withheld congressionally-approved taxpayer dollars to blackmail the Ukrainian president and leverage aid to his own campaign. These are impeachable offenses.  

Furthermore, the Judiciary Committee’s extraordinary investigation uncovered evidence that the president committed numerous federal crimes, including bribery and wire fraud.

Through these actions, the president has shown himself to be a threat to both our national security and the very foundation of our democracy.

While I will be voting in support of the articles of impeachment today, it is important to note that Congress’s oversight does not stop here. I will push for further scrutiny to continue to hold this administration accountable for its offenses, including directing the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to continue its investigations into the president’s potential violations of the emoluments clauses of the Constitution and to enforce our constitutional subpoenas in the courts.”

For a video of Rep. DeFazio’s floor speech on impeachment,

“Regarding the continuation of our dialogue till the end of Trump’s presidency, you make it sound as if it’s already coming to an end,” Putin said answering a question about whether Russia has a strategy for continuing the dialogue with the US until the end of Trump’s presidency.
“I actually really doubt that it is ending, it still has to go through Senate where as far as I know the Republicans hold the majority so it’s unlikely they will want to remove the representative of their party for some made-up reasons.”

President Putin speaks during his annual press conference in Moscow on Thursday.

Putin’s defense of Trump is in line with the unusually-warm relationship the two leaders have formed since 2017. Last year, Trump sided with the Russian President when he declined to endorse the US government’s assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election, saying instead that he believed Putin’s denial that his government meddled. Trump has also dismissed credible allegations that Putin uses violence against his opponents, saying in 2015: “I haven’t seen any evidence that he killed anybody, in terms of reporters.”
Putin added on Thursday: “This is just the continuation of the internal political battle, one party that lost the elections, the Democrats, and are now trying to find new ways by accusing Trump of collusion with Russia. But then it turns out there was no collusion, this can’t be the basis for the impeachment. Now they came up with some pressure on Ukraine, I don’t know what is the [pressure] but this is up to your congressmen.”
In Russia, the impeachment of Trump has drawn less attention than Putin’s press conference, which is a major media event for the country. The annual event ran over four hours, with the Russian president taking questions on a range of domestic and international questions.
The question was asked by Dmitry Simes, head of the Washington-based think tank Center for the National Interest, mentioned in the Mueller report for providing advice to Trump’s campaign on Russia.

Well, it only took a few hours for a Republican to liken the president to the son of God himself.

During the House floor debate ahead of Wednesday evening’s historic impeachment vote, Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) compared President Donald Trump to Jesus Christ, claiming that the president has been treated less fairly by Democrats than Jesus was just before his crucifixion.

“I rise today in opposition not only to these articles of impeachment but in strong opposition to the process that has brought us to this point,” Loudermilk declared during his House speech, adding: “Our founders knew a government without constraints could accuse anyone of any crime at any time even without compelling evidence.”

Noting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said last month that Trump should provide evidence to prove his innocence in the impeachment inquiry, Loudermilk said that “the Constitution also guarantees that the accused can call witnesses to testify on their behalf.”

Claiming that Trump and Republicans were “continually denied that right throughout this process,” the Georgia lawmaker groused that Democrats have prevented the president from both questioning the “so-called whistleblower” and finding out the person’s identity.

“Before you take this historic vote today, one week before Christmas, keep this in mind,” Loudermilk exclaimed. “When Jesus was falsely accused of treason, Pontius Pilate gave Jesus the opportunity to face his accusers.”

“During that sham trial, Pontius Pilate afforded more rights to Jesus than Democrats afforded this president in this process,” he concluded.





“She calls me up. ‘That’s the nicest thing that ever happened. Thank you so much. John would be so thrilled. He’s looking down. He’d be so thrilled,’ ” the president said.

“Maybe he’s looking up. I don’t know. … But let’s assume he’s looking down,” he added.

And it would have been accomplished — except for Ryan. As leader of the GOP in the House of Representatives, he engaged in ankle-biting the president and dragging his feet otherwise. Trump has thundered that Ryan was “weak, ineffective, and stupid” as House speaker. Ryan was all that only if one assumes he was on the same team supporting the president and the American middle class. But if Ryan was instead serving big moneyed globalists and Wall Street, then he was smart and highly effective — as a saboteur.

In the 2018 election, the Republicans lost control of the House. Contrary to media spin, this was not a repudiation of Donald Trump, nor was it preordained. It was a judgment on an inept House of Representatives headed by Paul Ryan. Whether it was out of sheer incompetence or duplicitous design on Ryan’s part, it doesn’t matter. The fact is the Democrats took the House from under the nose of Ryan.

Trump declares war on GOP, says ‘the shackles have been taken off’

Donald Trump started attacking members of his own party in a series of tweets Tuesday after many Republicans rescinded their support. (Jayne Orenstein/The Washington Post)

Donald Trump started attacking members of his own party in a series of tweets Tuesday after many Republicans rescinded their support for the presidential nominee. The Fix’s Chris Cillizza weighs in on the unprecedented unraveling of the GOP. (Jayne Orenstein/The Washington Post)

By Sean Sullivan ,

Sean Sullivan

Reporter covering national politics

Email BioFollow

Robert Costa and

Robert Costa

National political reporter covering the White House, Congress and campaigns

October 11, 2016

Donald Trump declared war on the Republican establishment Tuesday, lashing out at House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (Wis.), Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and other GOP elected officials as his supporters geared up to join the fight amid extraordinary turmoil within the party just four weeks before Election Day.

One day after Ryan announced he would no longer campaign on Trump’s behalf, the GOP nominee said as part of a barrage of tweets that the top-ranking Republican is “weak and ineffective” and is providing “zero support” for his candidacy. Trump also declared that “the shackles have been taken off” him, liberating him to “fight for America the way I want to.”

Trump called McCain “foul-mouthed” and accused him with no evidence of once begging for his support. McCain, the party’s 2008 presidential nominee, pulled his endorsement following a Friday Washington Post report about a 2005 video in which Trump is heard making vulgar comments about forcing himself on women sexually.

“I wouldn’t want to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people, that I can tell you . . . especially Ryan,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News Channel. He said if he is elected president, Ryan might be “in a different position.”

In perhaps the most piercing insult, Trump said his party is harder to deal with than even Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, whom conservatives loathe. Yet he also released a new TV ad featuring footage of Clinton coughing and stumbling during a recent bout with pneumonia — signaling that few issues are out of bounds for his scorched-earth campaign

In the wake of a new Washington Post report showing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaking in very lewd terms about women in 2005, some Republicans are calling for Trump to step down as nominee. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)

In the wake of a new Washington Post report showing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaking in very lewd terms about women in 2005, some Republicans are calling for Trump to step down as nominee. (Thomas Johnson/The Washington Post)

“Disloyal R’s are far more difficult than Crooked Hillary,” he wrote for his more than 12 million followers on Twitter, his preferred platform for picking fights. “They come at you from all sides. They don’t know how to win — I will teach them!”

By backing away from Trump, Ryan and his allies were hoping to insulate themselves and their majorities on Capitol Hill from the baggage weighing down the nominee’s flagging campaign. For many, the breaking point was the 2005 video.

But they are suddenly dealing with another problem: an impulsive and bellicose businessman with an army of loyal supporters willing to exact retribution against elected officials they feel have abandoned them. The rift could have profound ramifications for the Republican Party as a whole, shattering any sense of unity and jeopardizing its chances of holding onto the Senate and even, potentially, the House.

[The GOP tumbles toward anarchy: ‘It’s every person for himself or herself]

Trump’s barbs left some backers unsettled, including Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who has been a Trump booster for months and an informal adviser.

“Dr. Carson has been unwavering in his support but the last 24 hours have made that support very difficult to maintain,” Carson adviser Armstrong Williams said in a statement.

Carson said in a brief interview that Trump “would be wise to praise Ryan rather than be at war with him. I keep trying to emphasize to him that the issues are where you win.”

Following a Friday report by The Washington Post on a 2005 video of the GOP presidential nominee, various Republicans have said they no longer plan to vote for him and some call for him to drop out.

Following a Friday report by The Washington Post on a 2005 video of the GOP presidential nominee, various Republicans have said they no longer plan to vote for him and some call for him to drop out.

Sen. John McCainSen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) joined the cavalcade of Republicans withdrawing their support for Trump. “There are no excuses for Donald Trump’s offensive and demeaning comments in the just released video; no woman should ever be victimized by this kind of inappropriate behavior. He alone bears the burden of his conduct and alone should suffer the consequences,” McCain said in a statement.Susan Walsh/AP

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Wait 1 second to continue.


But many others rallied around Trump, including the Republican National Committee. Its chairman, Reince Priebus, was in close touch all day with Trump advisers and RNC strategist Sean Spicer was at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Mica Mosbacher, a Trump fundraiser and surrogate, said she was invited to a fundraiser next week for Ryan’s joint fundraising committee but is not going to attend or contribute because of the way Ryan has treated Trump.

“I don’t feel that Ryan is supporting our nominee and being a team player,” said Mosbacher, who is vowing not to give financial backing to Republicans who have crossed Trump.

Diana Orrock, a Republican National Committeewoman from Nevada, said she will not vote for Republicans who have pulled their support for Trump — including Rep. Joe Heck (Nev.), who is running for a seat that is critical in the battle for the Senate majority.

“I think they have really irritated a lot of Trump supporters,” Orrock said of Heck and Rep. Cresent Hardy (R-Nev.), who also rescinded his endorsement.

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, a Trump ally, said Trump should “use the enormous power of social media” to mount a pressure campaign on wavering Republicans.

“It’s time for him to send targeted messages to each district and state and have Republican voters ask their candidates: ‘Are you going to help us defeat Hillary Clinton?’ And Trump should make it clear that the side effect of not helping Trump is electing Hillary Clinton.”

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson tweeted Monday that she could not keep her mobile phone charged “due to the mass volume of texts from people” who plan to vote for Trump but not for other Republicans on the ballot.

[Trump’s truest believers start to worry: ‘You could easily lose’]

Ryan said Monday that he would no longer defend or campaign with Trump. Dozens of other Republican elected officials have gone even further, calling on Trump to leave the race in the wake of the 2005 video.

“Paul Ryan is focusing the next month on defeating Democrats, and all Republicans running for office should probably do the same,” Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck said in a statement responding to Trump’s attacks Tuesday.

Trump began his Twitter attacks Tuesday morning in New York before jetting off to raise money in Texas and to host an evening rally in Panama City Beach, Fla. At a San Antonio fundraising event, Trump tore into Ryan, whom he accused of “total disloyalty to the party.”

“I think they forgot that there was an election because something happened in the last month where you didn’t see them, right?” Trump said of prominent Republicans who have not campaigned for him, according to audio of the fundraiser obtained by the Texas Tribune. “You didn’t see them. I said: ‘Why aren’t they on the shows? Why aren’t they all over the place?’ ”

Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller said the campaign was not preoccupied over whether congressional leadership is with the nominee.

“Mr. Trump’s campaign has never been driven or fueled by Washington. It’s always been driven by the grass roots and it will continue to be,” Miller said. “What we want is everyone who wants to defeat Hillary Clinton to be on board. Anyone who’s concerned about the direction of the country.”

A Ryan confidant said the House speaker — the highest-ranking Republican in the country — is trying to strike a careful balance by turning away from Trump but not officially withdrawing his endorsement.

“He’s threading a lot of needles here,” said the confidant, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to talk candidly. “He wanted to make a clean break with Trump. So saying ‘I won’t defend him and won’t campaign with him’ was his way of making a break. He was so repulsed by the tape. But there are still a lot of members in the conference who don’t want to be at war with Trump’s voters in their district.”

Speaking on his radio show Tuesday, popular conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh said: “The Republican Party has sided with its donors and its lobbyists, and this is why we’re where we are. The Republican Party is in a predicament that it made itself. It made its own bed, and now they don’t want to lay in it. Now they want to run from the bed that they made.”

Some Republicans have agonized over how to deal with Trump in the final weeks of the race. Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), who ran against Trump in the GOP primaries and is running for reelection in a key battleground state, issued a statement Tuesday saying he continues to support the nominee, whom he once called “dangerous” and a “con man.”

“I disagree with him on many things, but I disagree with his opponent on virtually everything,” Rubio said. “I wish we had better choices for President. But I do not want Hillary Clinton to be our next President. And therefore my position has not changed.”

The sentiment that Trump is far from ideal but is better than the only realistic alternative is one many of his backers are clinging to as justification for maintaining their support.

“You don’t go after somebody who is, as Ronald Reagan would say, your 80 percent friend. What you do is stand with them,” Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said in an interview with Fox Business Network. “And it is not helpful to have this kind of drama going on. What you need to do is say we have a binary choice.”

Democrats on Tuesday continued their fierce criticism of Trump’s lewd comments about women. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that President Obama found the 2005 video “repugnant” and that “there has been a pretty clear statement by people all along the ideological spectrum that those statements constituted sexual assault.”

Campaigning for Clinton in Greensboro, N.C., Obama called Republican officials out for the way they have dealt with Trump.

“They can’t bring themselves to say, ‘I can’t endorse this guy,’ ” Obama said. Of those who did pull their endorsements, the president added: “Why’d it take so long for some of them to finally walk away? We saw this coming.”

[Trump’s truest believers start to worry: ‘You could easily lose’]

A friend of Ryan, who was granted anonymity to speak freely, said the speaker didn’t rush into his Monday decision, but was deliberative and thoughtful. In the end, there was no way to make everyone happy.

“He’s just in a hard place, and Trump is recognizing that he’s in a hard place and pushing the lever harder,” the friend said.

David Weigel in Washington and David Nakamura in Greensboro, N.C., contributed to this report.




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