Marilyn Reed at the Jazz Club

A review by John Presco

Last night I got to see the most soulful and tired woman on the planet. I saw a bereft and powerful woman put her late husband, Kenny Reed, to rest. Marilyn Reed is the most generous human being I will ever meet. When Mary Anne and I got married, no one made any plans. Mary Anne did not think about a wedding dress, so Marilyn leant her train dress she designed and sew. My wife was stunning. However, she did not tell me she hated staying in hotels and motels, the residue of living with Thomas Pynchon in Mexico. So, we had nowhere to spend our wedding night. Marilyn offered us her bed, and that’s where we spent the night. However, I had reservations of consummating our marriage with my first flame in the other room – on the couch! This was enough. Love filled the air. My friend, Bryan McClean sang at our wedding, which caused Marilyn to break out crying. She was -giving me away! She had visions of us getting married, one day.

When I got on the stage at the Jazz Station, I gave Marilyn away to her husband. I acknowledged and bless their union. I told the audience that I was present when they first fell in love. Then I talked about them holding hands, till Kenny let go. I said I know how Kenny felt, because I let Marilyn go back in 1963, never thinking I would see her again. These loving hello’s and these loving goodbyes. What more could a man ask for? What more could Marilyn provide? I acknowledged her and her husband’s walk, and talk, and holding hands with Jesus – in front of the Inspirational Gospel Sounds Choir – that M is the President of.

I thanked Marilyn for her devotion to our community. I acknowledged she had done everything possible to save her husband’s life. For six days she was with him at the hospital.

After the Reed Farewell, I walked around downtown Eugene, after dark, in my great coat. I was filled with peace. I felt love and amnesty for all.

Thank you Marilyn for walking by my side all these blessed years. You’re the greatest!

I will post videos when I make them.

John Presco

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    In the last two months I have been tempted to post on the conflict and falling out with my childhood friend, Marilyn Reed. Her choir is involved. Weeks after Barach Obama got elected, I became a Republican. I told the Reeds, why, and tried to explain the importance of my move in keeping white swing voters from leaving the Democratic party. I heard talk of Reparations for all Black Americans. White men and women – were going to pay!

    When Ms. Goldberg was challenged by other on-air hosts including Joy Behar saying that race was a factor, she said, “This is white people doing it to white people, so y’all going to fight amongst yourselves.”

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