The Last Beatnik Movie

I was going to pit the movie ‘Animal House’ against ‘Inherent Vice’ for the honor of being ‘The Last Beatnik Movie’. This is not a contest. So, I choose ‘Bucket of Blood’. This movie is pure genius. In researching it, I discovered Tarantino is inspired by the work of Charles B. Griffith. A movie should be made about him, his family, and work. In ‘L.A. Story’ you see Griffith, who also wrote ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ which is almost a Beatnik Movie. It was made into a musical that was a hit on Broadway, and thus it is a Beatnik Musical. It was a Cult Classic that can be recycled amongst the young. Cant forget about Ghost Busters.

Kenny Reed passed away ten days ago, and I told Marilyn Reed I am prepared to put Kenny next to Charlie Parker, via Jirayr Zorthian, who Izzy Whetstine looks like. Izzy and Kenny worked together.  Kathy Wilson produced a documentary. Kenny has a great voice, and MCed the poetry reading at the Granary, Mr. Reed did it all. Kenny backed up Izzy and Ken Babbs at the poetry slam on Tsunami Books. I showed up with a bag on my head. Kenny never called on ‘The Unknown Poet’.

I was not told Kenny was going to get UNPLUGGED from life-support. M told me the next day that he died. If I was told, I would have rushed over with my little SONY Cyber-shot that I paid $99.00 dollars for – and my tripod I bought at Saint Vinies. Why not invite Stone Cold Jazz to play while – he goes! Bring the fish bowl! We make a record, called…..’Kenny Reed Un-plugged’. C-mon! This guy was Mr. Performer of Lane County, along with Izzy and Ken Babb’s. Ken Kesey kicked the bucket a long time ago. He would have shown up to do ‘Un-Plugged’.

Where we are going next, is the ‘Café Bohema’ in New York City, where half-dead Charlie, and half-dead, Mile Davis – performed!

A month before Obama got elected I formed ‘The Bohemian Bank’ with Kenny and Rick Cobian. For our first project we agreed to throw a Obama Inauguration at the One World Café. For our first project we made ‘Hey Obama’. I am the surviving bank member. I would suggest folks in the Eugene area put their talent together, and produce a musical from ‘Bucket of Blood’.

In Boston I became involved with two members of The Process Church. One became my lover, and the other I saved from the Mafia. I arranged a meeting in a black bar in Roxbury. As predicted, he pulled a gun and pointed it at her head. I coached her. I lived in a commune with five Hippies. Cult Violence has always been a part of America. Mel Lyman lived three blocks up the street.

“Just say no!”

“Are you going to do it?”


There is s much Shakespeare in ‘Bucket of Blood’.  I have traced the Lovers of Rhetoric in my family tree, who came to America as Puritans. Bohemians carry on this hidden influence. The core theme of Bucket is recited as a poem in the beginning of the movie.

“The artist is…..All others are not!”

I saw a video of Kit doing Shakespeare’s talking head…

“To be, or not to be!”

A study in narcissistic personality disorder – and how to acquire one.

I can not find the name of the janitor in Animal played by James Whetstine. I would make a sitcom around this guy. I see a Jazzy Archie Bunker who lives near the campus and has a great collection of Jazz Records. I lived a block from the campus, and every year I saw the riots inspired by Animal House. Parents would unload the kids, stuff, then head back home. This is when the plotting began. I saw a little co-ed running down the street with a No Parking sign that got yanked up. The cement was still attached. She had superhuman strength as she disappeared into our building. She had a trophy-novelty.

(Izzy just texted his name – Mycholostomy. Thanks!)

The Jazznic… about the No.1 Jazz Fan, and Beat Poet Lover, who works as a roving janitor on Frat Row. He is slammed and bullied by freshman, until they hear he owns a football signed by Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac. Dizzy Leprechaun and Jack, used to toss his football in front of their homes in Lowell when Dizzy was twelve. He also has a autographed copy of ‘Doctor Sax’.  Visiting his house on Kincaid, students are shocked to see photos of all the Jazz greats on Dizzy’s wall. They are all autographed!

“To the No.1 Fan of – me!”

Jack’s football got the ball rolling. If Dizzy keeps the pic you sent him, then, it’s official – YOU ARE SOMEBODY!  Pynchon sent Dizzy a pic of himself.

“Hey good buddy! Here is my pic! Don’t hang it on your wall!”

Dizzy sent this very rare photo back, with a message;

“Screw you! Who are you to tell me what I can hang on my wall?’

I can’t find the name of the piano player at the Beat coffee house. It looks like Jackie Coogan who played Uncle Fester. Preparing for a poetry reading, with feeling. Beatniks embraced the truth that anyone can be a star. The more the merrier. Kenny Reed invited many amateur musicians to perform on stage. He taught children how to drum. He left many with a feeling of accomplishment. Thank you, Kenny.

Here’s some good advice, from a pro.

John Presco

Quentin Tarantino dedicated his film Deathproof to Griffith, whom he referred to as one of his main influences and called “the father of redneck cinema”

In the middle of 1959, American International Pictures approached Roger Corman to direct a horror film—but only gave Corman a $50,000 budget and a five-day shooting schedule—plus leftover sets from Diary of a High School Bride (1959).[10]

Corman accepted the challenge but later said he was uninterested in producing a straightforward horror film. He claims he and screenwriter Charles B. Griffith developed the idea for producing a satirical black comedy horror film about the beatnik culture.[11] Charles Griffith later claimed Corman was very uneasy at the idea of making a comedy “because you have to be good. We don’t have the time or money to be good, so we stick to action.”[12]

Griffith says he talked Corman around by pointing out that since the film was made for such a little amount of money over such a short schedule, he could not fail to make money.[12]

Corman says that the genesis of the film was an evening he and Griffith “spent drifting around the beatnik coffeehouses, observing the scene and tossing ideas and reactions back and forth until we had the basic story.”[13] The director says by the end of the evening they developed the film’s plot structure,[3] partially basing the story upon Mystery of the Wax Museum.[11]

Griffith says Corman was uneasy about how to direct comedy, and Griffith, whose parents were in vaudeville, advised him that the key was to ensure the actors played everything straight.[12]

The film was shot under the title The Living Dead,[14] and filming started 11 May 1959.[15]

According to actor Antony Carbone, “[The production] had a kind of spirit of ‘having fun,’ and I think [Corman] realized that while making the film. And I feel it helped him in other films he made, like The Little Shop of Horrors−he carried that Bucket of Blood ‘idea’ into that next film.”[14]

Actor Dick Miller was unhappy with the film’s low production values. Miller is quoted by Beverly Gray as stating that,

If they’d had more money to put into the production so we didn’t have to use mannequins for the statues; if we didn’t have to shoot the last scene with me hanging with just some gray make-up on because they didn’t have time to put the plaster on me, this could have been a very classic little film. The story was good; the acting was good; the humor in it was good; the timing was right; everything about it was right. But they didn’t have any money for production values … and it suffered.[5]

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