We Never Wanted Hippie Leaders

Everything is dead in America. I tried to save the cottage that Ken Kesey lived in when he went to the UofO. I failed, thanks to the Alley Valkyrie Gang. I was hoping ‘Inherent Vice’ would become our outstanding Hippie Icon. But, there were no hippies in that dud. Pynchon failed! For doing this to us, I wrote the worse movie review – ever. It’s so bad – it’s good! I think Tom likes it.

The woman with the rainbow hair is the Chosen One, the Democratic Entity of Free Speech, that anoints this one, then that one. This is The Best We the People can do. We are not about producing Faith&Believe.







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murals3Walk 208

“That night, the Joads hold a family conference and discuss a number of issues: they decide to allow Casy to come along with them, since it’s the right thing for them to do. They also continue with their preparations, killing their pigs so that they will have food to take with them. While Casy is helping Ma Joad with food preparation, he remarks that she looks tired, perhaps sick. Ma Joad looks through her belongings, going through old letters and clippings she has saved; she burns these items before the family’s departure.”

‘Grapes of Wrath’ John Steinbeck

Job 5New International Version (NIV)

“Call if you will, but who will answer you?
    To which of the holy ones will you turn?
Resentment kills a fool,
    and envy slays the simple.
I myself have seen a fool taking root,
    but suddenly his house was cursed.
His children are far from safety,
    crushed in court without a defender.
The hungry consume his harvest,
    taking it even from among thorns,
    and the thirsty pant after his wealth.
For hardship does not spring from the soil,
    nor does trouble sprout from the ground.
Yet man is born to trouble
    as surely as sparks fly upward.

Rosamond Press

antonin-artaudWe so called hippies never wanted leaders. Never the less old beat poets and came forth and claimed our movement. I was there at the first Human Be-in with my childhood friend, Nancy Hamren. We played at being Beats when we were thirteen.

The falling out I had with Mr.KIA was over public figures he knew, personally, that I mention in my blogs. How well they knew him is questionable because these famous people were very stoned on LSD at the time, and knew a lot of people. I told Mr. KIA that he could not have known these folks very well – because he never took any LSD that renders you insane as McClure testifies to in the video below. KIA looks down his nose at the insane and thinks he’s Mr. Reality, a stance he chose verses blowing his mind out and seeing himself caught under an old…

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