Fiona Hill Gets Death Threats

Why do I suspect Hill is getting death threats from evangelical lunatics because they believe she is threatening their “values” such as being pro-life. The evangelical Taliban has bombed abortion clinics, and murdered doctors, in the name of saving human beings from fiendish killers. If Trump gets elected for another term, he will overturn Roe vs. Wade. Think – motive!

It looks like Banner and Bolton are putting on a act about testifying against the Trump Gang who are using pro-life lunatics as their ISIS crazies and bodyguards. How about assassins who will spare reluctant testifiers? Trumps Character Assassinations are going into OUR National Archive – for We the People of the future to read.

Welcome to hell!

Two years ago, I created Victoria Bond. She was inspired by Irene Victoria Easton – and he late husband! Hill is the real Victoria.

I believe we are looking at the tip of the iceberg. When did Trump know Putin wanted the Ukraine back? It is a great thorn in his side. A giant religious schism was made after the Ukraine won its independence. Trump getting elected would be the first step in ending this schism. Then came the Mueller Report. Getting the Democrats to blame the Ukraine for creating the schism in our nation, while Putin movies his troops in, is not a bad plan – if you are a evil despot! After convincing his evangelical base that the Bidens are to blame, there would be our President in Moscow, riding in the Victory parade. There are about 100,000 American evangelicals living in Ukraine that Franklin Graham is aware of. Trump is working hard behind the scenes to make the dreams of the Court Pastors, come true.

Our President, and evangelical leaders, have attacked the Whistleblower. The actions of the Court Pastors need to be documented. I am a Whistleblower who suggested in this blog-newspaper, members of SLEEPS were misappropriating moneys given to them for the homeless – who are attacking business owners – who are compelled to band together and speak out! Kim Haffner and her gang used the fake abuser report of anarchists to justify going after me! Going after people is our President’s Specialty from the day he took an oath on two Bibles. He made it clear that he and his Pastors considered Democrats – The Enemy! He demanded the Democratic candidate be lock up! Why? Is Hillary pro-abortion?

John Presco

A former top Russia analyst for the White House told House lawmakers that she received death threats ahead of her testimony as part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Fiona Hill, who served on Trump’s National Security Council before leaving the post voluntarily over the summer, testified in a closed-door hearing that she and other officials were the target of threats and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, according to a transcript of her Oct. 14 testimony that was released Friday.

“My entire first year of my tenure at the National Security Council was filled with hateful calls, conspiracy theories, which has started again, frankly, as it’s been announced that I’ve been giving this deposition,” Hill said.

“I received, I just have to tell you, death threats, calls at my home,” she added. Hill described her neighbors hearing someone hammering on her door, as well as someone calling her home to deride her with obscenities.

Hill said she and former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, another key witness in the impeachment inquiry, were the target of anti-Semitic conspiracies attempting to tie them to billionaire financier George Soros.

“Now, I’m not easily intimidated, but that made me mad,” Hill testified. “And when I saw this happening to Ambassador Yovanovitch again, I was furious, because this is, again, just this whipping up of what is frankly an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about George Soros to basically target nonpartisan career officials, and also some political appointees as well, because I just want to say this: This is not indiscriminate in its attacks.”

Hill was one of several witnesses to testify before House lawmakers in recent weeks as part of the ongoing probe into whether Trump abused his office by pressuring Ukraine to investigate a domestic political rival. The transcript of her testimony was released at the same time as the transcript of testimony from Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who raised concerns about Trump’s July 25 call with the Ukrainian president.

Hill’s description of the threats and intimidation tactics she and other officials have faced come as Trump and his allies seek to undermine some of the key witnesses in the impeachment inquiry.

Trump has not singled out Hill by name, but he has repeatedly referred to the witnesses as “Never Trumpers” and accused Democrats of seeking out testimony from those who oppose him.

“The testimony has all been fine,” Trump said Friday morning. “I mean, for the most part I’ve never even heard of these people. There are some very fine people. You have some Never Trumpers.”

President Trump speaks to the media on the South Lawn of the White House on Monday. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)
President Trump speaks to the media on the South Lawn of the White House on Monday. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)
November 7, 2019 at 4:26 p.m. PST

THE FACTS of the Ukraine scandal are clear and damning, so it is not surprising that President Trump and his minions search desperately for scapegoats and distraction. In many instances, they just look foolish. But one particular obsession — to name and attack “the whistleblower” — is a grave threat to the integrity of the government.

Despite warnings that disclosing the whistleblower’s identity might expose him or her to harm, right-wing media outlets such as Breitbart have printed the name of a federal employee who may be the whistleblower. Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have threatened to call the whistleblower as a witness in the panel’s impeachment inquiry. The president even retweeted an article with the printed name. Mr. Trump insists he must be allowed to “meet my accuser,” as in a criminal trial. But the whistleblower is more like a confidential informant who tips off the authorities before an arrest or a trial. Every substantive allegation in the whistleblower’s account has been confirmed, on the record, by witnesses whose identities are known to Mr. Trump and the world. The president’s lawyers will have the opportunity to challenge the evidence if and when he is tried in the Senate.

Given how he has slandered other witnesses, there is little doubt what Mr. Trump really wants: a target. Conservative outlets have already attempted to link the alleged whistleblower to their long-running conspiracy theories about the Obama administration and the “deep state.” Obnoxious radio provocateur Rush Limbaugh has mocked the supposed whistleblower’s appearance. For his part, Mr. Trump has resorted to attacking the whistleblower’s lawyer, Mark S. Zaid, on the basis of tweets the lawyer wrote in 2017. The president would no doubt like to expose the whistleblower so the conversation can turn to old tweets and conspiracy allegations rather than the facts.

John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946

This man’s name is John Gregory Presco, DOB 10/8/1946. He lives in Springfield, Oregon.

He frequents Eugene, especially the Whiteaker neighborhood, and regularly shows up at activist events. He is a stalker, a harasser, and an obsessed delusional sicko. He targeted a friend of mine and has been writing about her obsessively, and when I confronted him about his behavior, he decided to target me as well.

If you need a concrete example of his behavior and why I am posting this, his delusional writings can be found at

If you see him in your neighborhood, on the street, or anywhere, call him out. Expose him. Make it known that you will not accept and tolerate someone who harasses and obsesses over young women in our community. This man is a very sick individual. Anyone who deliberately makes women feel unsafe should not be tolerated in this or any community.


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