The Holy Spirit Of The Nazarite Women

As I type brave armed Kurdish Women are dying fighting the forces bent on their destruction. This is……..The War Against Women! This is genocide against the remnants of Queen Helena’s army that fought Rome for God’s House. She lost, and her Nazarites fled to home to Adiabene and Damascus. If all these leaders with all those brave men, can not carve out a home for the Kurds, then All Men have failed. This is The Test The Creator has put before Mankind. Do not be a loser! Every woman who dies fighting for the Kurds, will see Heaven – this day! I promise you! You will be taken up by Angels!

To my Zulu Nazarite Church, out of Africa will sweep A Wave that will transform the world, and save it from destruction! There is evidence the Hittites came to America and co-mingled with the Native Americans, I suspect the Pueblo People. I call for a New Ghost Dance to save the Earth.


I saw a wounded Kurdish Soldier

His hands and arms

a charcoal grey

from firing a heavy

powered machine gun

at Turkish tanks

Oh world

what do you have

to say?


How can we not hear

the cries of warriors


And, then we see

dead women

in uniform

with blackened hands

And we are supposed

to turn away

and cover our ears

and believe those


those leaders

can not tell

them apart.


The Hand of God

draws a line in the sand

Over there

are the men

Here are

the women


Here are the Brave Women!

Oh can you hear…..

“I will never surrender!”


You can not vanquish


to the last woman

they will fight

and when the

battle dust

settles on this

bloody ground

forever the future

will know

“They did not give up!”

Never give up!


John ‘The Prophet

Judaism in Adiabene survived the death of Izates and Helena. History indicates that the Jewish religion continued to play a part in the kingdom of Adiabene; non-royal Adiabenians converted. “The names of the Adiabenite [sic] Jews Jacob Hadyaba and Zuga (Zuwa) of Hadyab,”33 indicate a non-Hebrew origin and possible conversion to Judaism.

Mindful of the events which in her view were of a positive nature, Helena journeyed with her retinue to Jerusalem and the Great Temple to worship and offer thank-offerings while the throne in Arbela had been safeguarded. Queen Helena offered items of blessing including a special addition to the Kodesh, or Inner Sanctuary of the Great Temple:

The doorway of the Kodesh was 10 cubits wide and 20 cubits high. Over the doorway was a carving of a golden menorah donated by Queen Helena, a convert to Judaism. The morning service could not begin before sunrise. The Temple was surrounded by high walls, and it was not possible to see the rising sun, so priest had to be sent outside to see if it was time for the service to begin. After Queen Helena donated the Menorah, it was no longer necessary to send a priest outside the Temple. As the sun rose in the east it shone against the menorah and the reflected light was cast into the Azarah. The priests then knew that the morning service could begin.18

Kevin Brook cites that the Jewish kings of Adiabene were regularly involved in policy and military affairs. In 61 CE, Monobazus II, the king who Izates meant to succeed him, sent troops to Armenia to try to thwart an invasion of Adiabene. Two years later, he was in attendance at a peace settlement between Parthia and Rome. During the war of Judea against the Roman Empire (66-70 CE), the Adiabenian royal family supported the Judean side.34
According to Paul E. Kahle, there were many Jews in the city of Arbela even after the establishment of bishops and the spread of Christianity in Adiabene.35


Book V, Chapter VI, Section 1 (Entire)

The Vast Slaughters Occurring Within The City

1. Now the warlike men that were in the city, and the multitude of the seditious that were with Simon, were ten thousand, besides the Idumeans. Those ten thousand had fifty commanders, over whom this Simon was supreme. The Idumeans that paid him homage were five thousand, and had eight commanders, among whom those of the greatest fame were Jacob, the son of Sosas, and Simon, the son of Cathlas. John, who had seized upon the temple, had six thousand armed men, under twenty commanders; the zealots also that had come over to him, and left off their opposition, were two thousand four hundred, and had the same commander they had formerly, Eleazar, together with Simon, the son of Arinus. Now, while these factions fought one against another, the people were their prey of both sides, as we have said already; and that part of the people who would not join with them in their wicked practices, were plundered by both factions. Simon held the upper city, and the great walls as far as Cedron, and as much of the old wall as bent from Siloam to the east, and which went down to the palace of Monobazus, who was king of the Adiabeni, beyond Euphrates; he also held the fountain, and the Acra, which was no other than the lower city; he also held all that reached to the palace of queen Helena, the mother of Monobazus; but John held the temple, and the parts thereto adjoining, for a great way, as also Ophla, and the valley called “Valley of Cedron;” and when the parts that were interposed between their possessions were burnt by them, they left a space wherein they might fight with each other; for this internal sedition did not cease, even when the Romans were encamped near their very walls. But although they had grown wiser at the first onset the Romans made upon them, this lasted but for a while; for they returned to their former madness, and separated one from another, and fought it out, and did everything that the besiegers could desire them to do; for they never suffered anything that was worse from the Romans than they made each other suffer ; nor was there any misery endured by the city after these men’s actions that could be esteemed new. But it was most of all unhappy before it was overthrown, while those that took it did it a greater kindness; for I venture to affirm, that the sedition destroyed the city, and the Romans destroyed the sedition, which it was a much harder thing to do that to destroy the walls; so that we may justly ascribe our misfortunes to our own people , and the just vengeance taken on them by the Romans; as to which matter let every one determine by the actions on both sides.

News of the discovery of human bones, and from a Jewish queen moreover, inflamed the Jewish community in Jerusalem. The community petitioned prominent figures in Europe and lobbied the Ottoman authorities. De Saulcy was forced to suspend his excavation, but not before managing to send the sarcophagus and his other findings to France.  Since then the queen’s coffin has languished, largely unseen, in the basement of the Louvre in Paris

News of the discovery of human bones, and from a Jewish queen moreover, inflamed the Jewish community in Jerusalem. The community petitioned prominent figures such as Moses Montefiore and the Rothschild family, and lobbied the Ottoman authorities. De Saulcy was forced to suspend his excavation, but not before managing to send the sarcophagus and other findings to France. Since then the queen’s coffin has been in the Louvre in Paris. According to Maoz Lin, the museum displayed it for a while and then put it in storage. It was brought out again in 1982, for an exhibition marking the centenary of de Saulcy’s death, after which it went back into storage.

The Zulu Nazarites

Why isn’t Giuliani and Jeff sessions demanding Putin hand over the twelve Russian Army offers who issued warrants. Instead Mr. 911 threatens Americans with a revolt from armed Nazi-like Militias for the Killer Jesus. Giuliani is a TERRORIST.

At the same time, his Mafia-like Boss Man directs attention away from himself and his real legal problems, to South Africa, in order to stir up his Christian Nazi base, and offer them fresh targets to go into their deluded and murderous minds.

Here are members of the church I belong to too. I declared myself a Nazarite in 1987 after I was driven from a Christian church for asking good questions. These are South Africans. I have been mocked and abandoned by friends and family because I chose this church. Today, they are in the news.

John and Jesus were Nazarites. They launched a war against Rome and burned down the debt archives. When the Mob is out of power I offer my services as arbitrator and ambassador.

John Presco 007

On Monday, Aug. 20, news broke that Melania Trump would be taking her first big solo trip as first lady to Africa. But controversial comments about South Africa from her husband on Twitter Wednesday night could affect Melania Trump’s visit to Africa.

The White House has declined to rule out accepting a Russian proposal to question on US soil American people – including the former ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul – sought by the Kremlin for “illegal activities”.

The proposal arose at Monday’s summit between the US president Donald Trump and the Russian president Vladimir Putin, and any decision by Washington to assist with an adversary’s prosecution of former government employees overseas would be a stunning shift in US policy, especially as it could violate the international legal principle of diplomatic immunity.

“The president is going to meet with his team and we’ll let you know when we have an announcement on that,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told a news briefing. Sanders added that Trump “said it was an interesting idea … He wants to work with his team and determine if there is any validity that would be helpful to the process”.

Sanders’s comments prompted outrage in the US, including from McFaul, a vocal Putin critic.

“When Trump says Russia is no longer targeting America, that’s not how this American feels,” McFaul wrote on Twitter.

“Putin is most certainly targeting and intimidating me. And I’m an American.”

The Nazarites War With Rome Over Temple


I just learned Christopher Tolkien resigned from his father Estate Trust, in disgust. This has left the Tolkien Cosmology open to crass commercialism. Because I declared myself a Nazarite after the long-haired Nazarene Artists of Germany who influenced the Pre-Raphaelite Artists of England, of whom William Morris was a member, and because Morris was a major influence on Tolkien………I hereby TRANSFER that influence……..over to Royal Rosamond Press, and The New Nazarites.

For the reason I made the first legal argument in regards to the Pre-Raphaelites and the Holy Grail, and, my Rose Line, these lawsuits in regards to the Priory de Sion, are part of a Creative Cosmology that has been established in our Superior Courts. Biblical and Secular Laws have merged with several important legends, the Oera Linda Books being one of them, along with the Legends of the Lombards and the people of Iceland.

I will make a good case that Jesus, the disciple of John the Baptist, was a Nazarite, like John. I will also show that the Swan Brethren worshipped all the Johns of the Bible. I was name after John the Baptist. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and I have roots in Holland.

I am seeking a producer to do our movie justice, so that the spirit of the Nazarite will live long and prosper.

John ‘The Nazarite’

Copyright 2018

Nazarite Lamp of Helena

sarc4 sarc5 sarc7 sarc8 sarc9 sarc10 sarc11 sarcophagus4rosegravetree_of_life_by_mandiemanzano-d51kv8p

What interests me in these sarcophagi is their decorations. They all display rosettes, resembling flowers. These motifs are well known from the Temple Mount Excavations, where many such fragments were found.”

The golden lamp that Queen Helena gifted to the temple is being constructed in hope that it will hang at the entrance of the new Temple in Jerusalem. I believe this lamp represents the Shekinah that I have installed on Santa Rosa Island for safe keeping. No one will enter the new temple unless they are cleansed in water by me, or, the one that comes after me.


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I was utterly devastated by Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds, I could not speak of it till now. This maniac destroyed so much of my spritual work, as a follower of Meher Baba and a Nazarite. I was under attack from demons who wanted to destroy me. I wil do all I can to make sure the Trump’s army of evil evangelical never see the temple rebuilt – in their lifetime.

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