“No Angels”

THE INSANE LIAR rolled out his International Enemies List – and Russia is not on it! At the top of the list is The Kurds who Trump declared were “no angels”. He bid us to look into their past a hundred, or, a thousand years. LIAR compared the PKK to ISIS, and failed to say the Kurds lost a 11,000 people defeating ISIS. If not for THE MONEY, they would not have fought.

LIAR then went on a diatribe about NATO and the European not paying enough for our mercenary army that is in retreat – in order to help the people of South Carolina – who are no angels either! This State was the first to secede from the Union. They tried to grab a huge amount of land so they could continue to MAKE MONEY off the slave trade and King Cotton that was backed by Britain, and other foreign nations.

LIAR threw out our American Diplomacy and said he and his Goons are concentrating on corruption by the former administration and the State Department – along with the FBI. The President of Italy is trying to ignore the Embodiment of Noriega and Al Capone, and send sane messages home to his people who are members of the European Union.

“I am not a part of this Protection Racket being rung by King Liar out of Key Largo!”

LIAR did not throw his Evangelical Holy Goon Squad – a bone! It is now clear that LIAR sees Putin as a threat to no one – he considers a friend! Can we now see ‘The Friends List’?

John ‘The Prophet’


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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