Royal Rosamond Had An Accident

When Heather went behind my back and betrayed me, and when she took the names of my mother and aunt to give to Tom Snyder, she forfeit all the children she will ever have – to me – her father! This is how the best Rosy Stories go! She is not married to Bobby Dew. There is no marriage certificate. There exist a legal document between Heather and I – that she broke and dishonored! All her witchy friends – are out of their league!

Seer Jon

Rosamond Press

Two oilmen had an accident near Saint Louis Oklahoma. One of them was my grandfather, the plaintiff. Consider ‘Dallas’. On this road the story of the Rose of the World Artistic Dynasty, begins. It’s time we move off the railroad crossing, and go forward.

“Plaintiff, 63 years of age, engaged in buying and selling oil
and gas leases, was driving a 1941 Chevrolet automobile in a westerly
direction, and defendant, Robert Poole, 28 or 29 years of age, an
employee of defendant, Reed Roller Bit Company, was driving a 1952
Chevrolet automobile, owned by said defendant company, in an easterly

Frank (Royal) Rosamond Has An Accident

(Images: Rosamond’s ‘The Crossing’. 1941 Chevrolet Coupe)

On the morning of May 31, 1953, my grandfather, Frank Rosamond, had a
head on collison. He was driving a 1941 Chevrolet. If it was a coupe,
then Frank could have been driving the same…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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