Evil and Destructive Trustees

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What these evil people did to me – and my late sister – will be in my book. The world needs to see what destruction Zionist Tea Party Evangelical Drunks can do to a valid Artistic Legacy. After Heather Hanson and Mark Gall refused to serve as my Trustees, I had $11,000 dollars left of the money my uncle, Vincent Rice, left me. He left a half million dollars to eight of my kindred. I went back to John Urness and Kiffanie, believing I needed another Trustee in order to keep my SSI. They put me in touch with a professional firm that handles Trusts who told me I had $1,500 dollars left in the Trust. They charged me $4,000 dollars in attorney fees. I told them they should have told me it was going to cost me that much, because I would have gone to Europe to do my research of the Rougemont Templars. I would have spent the rest of my uncles money – on me! They put the money back after I got an attorney.

But, the damage they did was just beginning. When I bought my truck, I was not informed by this law firm, if you are on SSI, one car is not counted as income, but, two cars, is. I had an overpayment of $2,000 dollars that I am still paying for. I almost lost SSI and Medicaid. I almost ended up on the street.

What they did to my famous sister, they did to me! She died on her first sober birthday. I celebrated twenty-eight years of sobriety in April 7th. These FUCKERS failed to get me to take a drink. Above are evil photos my ex-daughter posted on her facebook of my grandson being toasted by a drunk who died of alcoholism, a known disease.

Jon Presco

Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 9:25 AM
To: Kiffanie A. Phillips
Subject: Vision of Trust

Dear Kiffany;
Here is my vision for the Rice Trust.
Genealogy and History are my hobbies. A published author is going to use my genealogy of a group of Knights Templar in her book. They owned the Shroud of Turin. They may be my kin. Here is my new blog dedicated to family and related history;



Taking that trip to Arizona was vital in saving much family history that will go into my autobiography. I need a new computer and scanner to put familly photos on web. I am going to purchase a pickup truck for $1,500 dollars in order to take trips to coast where I plan to do paintings. My car is underpowered for the mountian range. Can the Trust pay for my insurance? I may take up nature photography.
After a shakey start, Heather and I have accounted for all but a hundred dollars in cash. We have reciets and a plan for her to pay back into trust what was taken out by mistake. The cost of tires and repair to my town car came to $470 dollars which was paid for by $500 dollar cash transfer.
I thank you, John, and the firm for your splendid help in making several people’s dream come true.
John Presco


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