Religious Cult Attacks The Democrats

When ISIS blew up Jonah’s Tomb, I wrote a poem in order to gather true warriors, not cowards. The Coward in the White House destroyed this Coalition of Brave Men and Women. I will now write the most damning poem in the History of America. I will take the Huckabees and Jeffress, and rub their faces in the shit holes of the freed ISIS terrorists.

When my Ugly Neighbors attacked me they felt they had a right because I exposed the Rapture and Tribulation as a heresy. I am not alone. I am not the first. Men with degrees have exposed the American ISIS Cult as being a FRAUD! The reason they do so, is the Fake Christian ISIS has become a political monster hell-bent on destroying the Democrats – their neighbors. They do this because We the People elected a Black Man President – twice!

John Presco

The Rapture – Indisputable Christian Heresy

Has any Christian Minister prayed for the Leader of the Coalition, President Barack Obama, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, so that this Coalition will own Spiritual Guidance, and the Light of the World will prevail over darkness and tyranny?

Ten days I went to a place few have been, inside the belly of a whale. From there I beheld the look on the face of Frankin Delano Roosevelt and Meher Baba, when they looked at the beast throwing children in a oven in Germany.

God bless the President of the United States, and the Coalition of Light and Justice!

Jon the Nazarite

The Ark upon the mountain
The Dove and Branch upon the sea
The hammers of iniquity
beat upon my forgotten tomb
I am awake upon the turbulent waters

My enemies cast lots
and blame me for their sins
while God’s friends
read me on the Day of Atonement
so all will be saved
so all will be united in peace

The sun went down on me
so long ago
The vine that grew over my head
has wilted in the desert of forgetfulness
But, there on a mountain
a purple haze
a rosy afterglow
in a King’s rose garden atop a mount
that bid noble knights to climb hither
that beckon knights to sever a thread
and once again
be brave

Yovanovitch told House lawmakers that she was removed after “a concerted campaign against” her from President Trump and his allies.

She also said in her opening statement that the State Department had “been under pressure from the president to remove me since the summer of 2018.”

Yovanovitch’s ouster came two months before Trump’s July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president – now at the center of Democrats’ impeachment inquiry – in which Trump asked Kiev to open an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden, a leading 2020 presidential candidate.

“We are not concerned with any information Yovanovitch might share, because the President did nothing wrong,” the White House email meant for Republicans said. “But we are concerned that Schiff is putting her a precarious position by having her testify in secret without State Department lawyers be present.”

“It raises serious questions about why Schiff is willing to put career officials in such risky situations while bullying them with legally unfounded threats of obstruction charges,” the email continued.

It added that Schiff “is willing to ride roughshod over fair process and to use career officials to further a baseless political objective.”

The email marks the second time the White House has unintentionally sent talking points to Democrats in recent weeks, after an administration official inadvertently emailed them suggested rhetoric defending the July 25 phone call.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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