Evangelical Heresy Is Allied With Turkey

The Evangelical Heresy has gotten behind a False Messiah who gave the green light for a Muslin leader to attack the Kurds who fought ISIS as an ally of the United States. While evangelicals continue their lewd attacks on the Democrats, Trump’s ally threatened to unleash refugees on Europe. I am kin to the Royalty of Bohemia on my mother’s side, and my grandfather Wensel Anton Prescowitz immigrated from Bohemia to the United States.

The New Reformation will bridge the gap between the Catholic and Protestant Church that will ally itself to a stronger Union, that will give support to Nations of the West.

John Presco

The comments followed a threat by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to “open the gates” for Syrian refugees in his country to migrate to Europe if the continent’s leaders label Turkey’s military campaign in north-eastern Syria an “occupation”.

He warned EU states he would “open the gates and send 3.6 million refugees your way” during a combative speech at a meeting of lawmakers from his Justice and Development (AK) party on Thursday afternoon.

The US official said a joint security mechanism worked out by the US and Turkey, involving a demilitarised zone and joint patrols, had been working well but that Erdoğan had abruptly rejected it in a telephone conversation on Sunday with Donald Trump.

Hus leaves Prague and appeals to Jesus Christ[edit]

By this time, Hus’s ideas had become widely accepted in Bohemia, and there was broad resentment against the Church hierarchy. The attack on Hus by the Pope and Archbishop caused riots in parts of Bohemia. King Wenceslaus IV and his government took the side of Hus, and the power of his adherents increased from day to day. Hus continued to preach in the Bethlehem Chapel. The churches of the city were put under the ban, and the interdict was pronounced against Prague. To protect the city, Hus left and went into the countryside, where he continued to preach and write.[11]

Before Hus left Prague, he decided to take a step which gave a new dimension to his endeavors. He no longer put his trust in an indecisive King, a hostile Pope or an ineffective Council. On October 18, 1412, he appealed to Jesus Christ as the supreme judge. By appealing directly to the highest Christian authority, Christ himself, he bypassed the laws and structures of the medieval Church.[12] For the Bohemian Reformation, this step was as significant as the 95 theses posted in Wittenberg by Martin Luther in 1517.

After Hus left Prague for the country, he realized what a gulf there was between university education and theological speculation on one hand, and the life of uneducated country priests and the laymen entrusted to their care on the other.[13] Therefore, he started to write many texts in Czech, such as basics of the Christian faith or preachings, intended mainly for the priests whose knowledge of Latin was poor.[14]

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