Turning Heather Against Me

Patrice picked a fight with me at Jack London’s house. I was teaching her about the Bohemian history that my family and Christine are apart of. All of a sudden she says: “Are you telling me that my daughter gets all of her talent from you?” This is the woman who hid my daughter from me for 16 years. “Well, genetics is a factor! Are you or any member of your family an artist?” This Stage Mother stold my child and let her see Vicki and her son, who were lying about my sister’s death. I believe there was a fishing accident. Shamus lied again and said I was accusing him and his mom of murder. He made me out to be insane. Here is my report. https://rosamondpress.com/2017/08/16/shamus-dundon-discribes-death-scene/

Rosamond Press

Here is Vicki Presco’s son. Alas, I found my missing daughter who was kidnapped when she was seventeen. For asking good questions, I am being isolated. Does Vicki and Shamus have any concern I might commit suicide? I was not told I was going to be a grandfather. Mark Presco, the Nazi, knew where my daughter was, and that I was going to be a grandfather. Why didn’t he give me a call, and act like a brother?

Below are the evil things he wrote about women – that he wanted to be included in my biography. I warned Heather to stay away from my family. Would you warn her? If Vicki and Shamus did not tell lies, and seduce my child, then…………?

Perhaps that “rogue wave” was aimed at Vicki? Imagine if Christine survived. Was Mark going to be at that beach party? Did he fear our sister was…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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