High Noon Whistle Blower

Four days ago I told my Congressman to concentrate on the State Department. This is days before Pompeo got caught with his pants down – he too an egregious liar! He was in on that call to Ukraine.


Rosamond Press

I just sent a e-mail to my Congressman, Peter DeFazio. It is a part of the Congressional Record. Pete got the condensed version of the following. I left out Rena and Ian, and the prophetic-psychic possibilities. I’ll save that for my other movie……’High Noon Whistle Blower’. I am a psychic whistleblower.

Above is a photograph of Commodore Ian Easton who was the head of the British Defence Staff in the USA. It was his job to make sure the Unity that came to be after World War Two, continued. An agreement was made to share military intelligence because we shared the same world interests. My former muse, Rena Easton, was married to the Commodore. These two – are up! They have been the subjects of my profoundly prophetic posts, where I literarily grope about in the dark for years, and, come up with pertinent information. My gifts should be utilized.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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