Harry King of Russia

Conservatives in Russia and the USA have hated the British-American alliance, even more than Hiter did. Beatlemania brought down the Iron Curtain and ended the Soviet Bloc. We Americans, We Democrats, must reach out across The Pond and form a new alliance with Britain. I know how Prince Harry can become the Csar and spoil Putin and Trump’s dream.

Armstrong’s prophecy has returned. Our Radio Church is the only valid church in America!



Rosamond Press

I posted this in 2012. If Hebert Armstrong were alive, he would have COVERED my news stories in his World of Tomorrow broadcasts. The false prophets that took over him Mission From God avoid talking about The Royals. As long as there has been a Free Press, Monarchs have attacked it. This is why our Constitution protects Freedom of the Press. Dirty Daines pretends our Founding Fathers were hell bent on promoting Capitalism – that did not exist in Britain? What a Dirty Liar for King Trump ‘ Messiah of the Jews’ he is. Moscow Mitch and his Emperor having been going after the Liberal Press – like crazy!

The fall of the Socialist Soviet Union gave rise to some real bad guys that Don Trumpster did business with behind closed doors. Privatization did not produce real Good Guys!

But, what do Rena and her husband care. As long as…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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