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I contacted Karl about the Habsburg painting.

A half hour ago, President Trump spoke to Veterans about the building of the Embassy in Jerusalem. He gave a big shout out to evangelicals who encouraged him to do this. This is why millions of Trump’s base do not care if he makes big mistakes, or, misspeaks. They are doubling down in the hope he helps the Jews build the Third Temple, which will bring about the End Times, and the destruction of most of the world. Only True Believers will be spared. It is hard to imagine, but, millions of Christians hear this Doomsday promise made every Sunday. They pray people who are not one of them – die a horrible death! If folks you know, are looking at you funny – and treating you like vermin – thank our President!

I have exposed this Terrorist Religion – as a GIANT…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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