Portrait of Rosamond For Sale

The famous painting ‘The Death of Rosamond’ is up for sale! This is the first image of the famous artist known as ‘Rosamond’ that was attributed to her daughter, Drew Benton, but was later ascertained by her brother, a famous art critic, to have been done by Vicki Presco who recently died under mysterious circumstances, which seems to be a family tradition. You can own this majestic work for $250,000 American dollars.

“Forever the narcissist, Rosamond was caught admiring herself in a pool of water, when a Rogue Wave came barreling around a corner. It must have been her………time. It is remarkable that no artist did a portrait of Rosamond – while she was alive! She was surrounded by artists! It took a non-artist to do the job.”

John Presco Art Critic for Royal Rosamond Press

Mr. Presco, who dabbles in art, is putting up his portrait of Rosamond for sale, titled

‘Back To The Sea’.

This amazing work can be yours for $1,000,000 dollars. Both works are part of  larger works that will be cut-up into uni-form sizes, and sold for $5,000 dollars each. The size of the work will depend on how many orders are recieved.

Stigmatized by her mother’s comment that she had a short neck like her grandmother Melba, Rosamond was forever striking poses that made her neck appear – longer.

And………….now you know!

If Victoria’s work does not sell, I will put it in a envelope and give it to the President of the United States where it will hang in the National Gallery. Here’s your chance to intercept this famous work – to be!

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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