The Men In Her Life

When I died, I saw my two sisters adorned in The Jewels of Heaven. The hardest part of coming back, was, how could I tell them what I saw, and who they are. Christine and I had a powerful psychic connection, and she got the bigger hit. I took Vicki to a meeting with Baba Lover in WLA. Christine showed me her art she is doing in heaven. She had put holagrams on her canvas that took you into a world within a world – where The Liars can not go. The lie that Shannon told me, releases me from the chains my family has put me in – especially my daughter. The replacement family understands when creative people die, they have to release all that they have gatherd. So like piggies, they wait by the Death chute for all the magic to come tumbling down, and, it is a feeding frenzy.

I offered Belle Burch the key to this Fairy Kingdom, but, she wanted to take it to her Anarchist Cave, and vomit it out for her pack – of ravenous wolves. She actually believed CONCEALING THE TRUTH had great value. Above is an image of a Angel, delivering a message. There can not exist a speck of lie within. The Truth, and nothing – but The Truth!

In considering how many of my kin – wish I was dead – I see the overlay, the perfect match, of how many of them…….wished Christine dead! This is why it is extremely important to bring Christine’s autobiography – into the light! The reason it remains in the dark, is, I wrote Sydney Morris and told him, that book, and the notes Sandra Faulkner took when she interviewed my late sister – belong to the Estate – and thus my nieces. Did Morris sell literary rights to Stacey Pierrot, who did not want to share the profits she made off her book and movies script with the Last of the Rosamond Women?

This is an extremely diabolical CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD – that needs the attention of a Superior Court Judge! Because Christine’s two daughters CONSPIRED to not inform me Vicki was dead, severs this Rosy Line. Because my sister came to me in a dream, like a messenger, like an angel, to bring messages of love and forgiveness, she is the last to wear the Rosy Crown!

Christine sued Ira Cohen of Ira Roberts Gallery to keep her images off the object that Pierrot promises to put them on. In my dream, Rosamond reminded me from where most art comes from! I have seen the Jewels of Heaven!

“Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, the modern day Mona Lisa once said;
“I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance,
you can only admire it.”

John Presco

Copyright 2019

“Pierrot later bought the business from the estate, royalties
from which go to Rosamond’s daughters, Drew now 11, and Shannon, 28.
Pierrot has a determined vision of where she wants the business to
go. A poster of Rosamond’s creation “Dunkin the Frog” will be
distributed to children in hospitals. T-shirts and tote bags will
also be produced featuring the whimsical character, Pierrot says. All
manner of upscale merchandising is contemplated using the images from
Rosamond’s paintings…bed linins, throw pillows and other elegant
household items.”

Rosamond Press

“Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, the modern day Mona Lisa once said;
“I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance,
you can only admire it.”

“Warhol took the photograph from an April 13, 1962 issue of Life magazine, which featured an article on Taylor. Describing her as a “storybook princess,” the article presented pictures of her from throughout her life, but with special emphasis on her husbands and lovers — the “princes” in the fairy tale.”

There are just a few hits on the internet that compare Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor to the Mona Lisa. Allow me to me one more. Andy Warhol is the most famous artist of our time. His images of Liz captures the paramount Beauty of the twentieth century. Liz is kin to Christine Rosamond Benton, the most famous female artist in the modern age. Both Warhol and Rosamond captured the image…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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