Sandra Faulkner – Storyteller

When Pierrot’s Rosamond Publishing website came out, she lied about Christine rendering this frog named Dunkin. It is the creation of the first biographer, of three, who was dismissed after I pointed out this ART FRAUD to Sydney Morris. Profits from the Dunkin The frog products would not go to my nieces because they were not inventoried – before Stacey Pierrot was sold all the art and prints. If Pierrot pocketed the profits, it would been like grand theft. This is why I wanted my minor daughter to stay clear of Pierrot and Mark and Vicki Presco who backed this Art Fraud. Consider the Panama Papers. I also pointed out Christine sued Ira Cohen of Ira Roberts Gallery in order to keep her images off merchandise. Rosamond’s autobiography has vanished. Pierrot says Christine chose Sandra because she thought they looked alike. This is the Creation of a Facsimile. Is Dunkin found in Lynch’s book? I doubt it.

“Pierrot later bought the business from the estate, royalties
from which go to Rosamond’s daughters, Drew now 11, and Shannon, 28.
Pierrot has a determined vision of where she wants the business to
go. A poster of Rosamond’s creation “Dunkin the Frog” will be
distributed to children in hospitals. T-shirts and tote bags will
also be produced featuring the whimsical character, Pierrot says. All
manner of upscale merchandising is contemplated using the images from
Rosamond’s paintings…bed linins, throw pillows and other elegant
household items.”

Rosamond Press


a. One who tells or writes stories.

b. One who relates anecdotes.

2. Informal One who tells lies.

Yesterday I sent Sandra Faulkner a message beseeching her to tell the truth. So far I have not received a response. Looking again at the Rosamond webpage Stacey Pierrot came out with in April of 1997, I noticed something I overlooked. The title of the biography Faulkner chose was the same title the ghost wrote, Tom Snyder, published his biography under. There were two authors! What is key, Faulkner said she conducted interviews with Christine – before she drowned! Did Snyder work from Faulkner’s notes, or, tape recordings?

“Do you have any notes, or recording about my late sister, Christine Rosamond. You and my daughter could pass for twins. We do not see each other, and my grandson, because Vicki Presco convinced her I am deluded, and my doubts about Christine…

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