Hearing My Sister Vicki

I woke from my nap with a start. I was communicating with my surviving sister, Vicki Presco, in a way only sibling can.  We own psychic-souls that are forever trying to send the very best messages, because, we share the same fate, the same birthing channel that brings us here, and, takes us away. I love my sister, my daughter, my grandson, and my nieces. Why not my nephews. This is so very hard because Vicki is trapped in her condition. She can not just pick up the phone to say hello. She is saying hello – as I type!

Vicki can not call her friends. So I pass on her Hello. She is in a healing place. She wants us all to get along and love one another. This is what she is telling me to say to you all.

I forgive Vicki and all members of my family. The spiritual and religious work I do is extremely difficult. It takes all my concentration. I am in another realm and time most of the time. This is Memorial Day. Vicki does not remember much. I am remembering for her.



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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I just got a phone call from Shamus Dundon at 4:20 P.M. on September 3, 2019. My nephew told me his mother, my sister, is dead. Last night I posted this memroy, on Memorial Day. I sensed she was gone and I did not get to say goodbye. Vicki Presco died Saturday at 7:30 P.M. I was not invited to my sister’s funder. Shamus kept repeating he wanted nothing to do with me because I made up vicious things about my sister. I told him I did not go out of my way to say bad things about Vicki, just because. I demanded he send me a written account of what EXACTLY what he was doing at Rocky Point when my sister Christine drowned. I told him he told the two versions; !. He was up in the house reading a book. 2. he was jogging around looking for lizards. Shamus left the party of family members down in the cove – just before the wave struck. I asked him if he heard I had posted this blog, and decided it best to call me three days after Vicki died? He said “no”. I asked if his sons read this blog I posted on their facebook, last night. I asked him if there was a good chance I would never be told – before I died. He said he long knew there was a psychic connection members of my family shared, that he did not. This is to say – he did hear of this blog, and/or read it. He was AMAZED!

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