Why Did Jesus FAIL?

Why Did Jesus FAIL?

A Broadcast From The New Radio Church of Springfield

By John Presco ‘Nazarite Prophet’

Copyright 2019

My enemies and my friends do not appreciate the hard work I do, all by myself, to publish messages on my newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press. Not understanding much, they see all the cutting and pasting I do, and conclude I am copying what has already been written. What I am doing is publishing the whole reference in some cases, because some information disappears, and, I do not have a news team to help me. I also want to publish proof I am a prophet by posting historic events. Such is the case of Israel firing cannon shells into Lebanon today.

Two days ago I said this would cause the spirit of Eshmun-Jesus to declare war on Israel. So be it! I have concluded that E-Jesus declared himself “King of Israel” and not “King of Jews” which would denote the southern kingdom of Judah, whose ancient politics caused a Civil War to break out, where the one tribe of Judah, made war with the rest of the tribes, which are considered – LOST! The Ten Lost Tribes have been at the epicenter of Herbert Armstrong’s ministry of which I am rightful Heir that God elected! How did God lose His mission that he gave to His alleged Son?

  1. The New Testament is nothing but a long argument about whether or not Jesus extended his mission to the Gentiles. If he did, he failed! This failure bid Paul to take over this mission. Why didn’t God chose Paul in the first place? Why did God and His angel bless a loser? Paul is – a winner!
  2.  Paul claims God bid him to do everything he did – except murder the saints of the first church after torturing them. Is this what God wanted? Christian apologists claim Dead and Divine Jesus converted Paul, and, spoke to him – only – giving God’s instructions? If God is responsible for everything, then He had to admit His alleged Son – FAILED! Paul is THE MORTAL REPLACEMENT, and thus, Jesus can not be God!
  3.  If Jesus declared himself the ‘King of Israel’ and, he gathered the “Lost Sheep” about him when he RESTORED THE LOST KINGDOM OF ISRAEL, then Jesus – LOST – his mission to have God’s Kingdom PREVAIL over all His enemies. God’s Mission was not to convert Gentiles all over the world. This was Paul’s mission. Paul – SUCCEDED!
  4.  Because JESUS FAILED, and because Christian leaders came to the same conclusions I did, they invented THE SECOND COMING DO-OVER! This is why Paul’s Popes forbid non-royal people to read the Bible, lest they form a Lost Revolutionary Kingdom, and seek to be free of Paul’s favorite people – THE SUPER RICH!
  5.  The fake mission, claims God wanted to bring ALL OF HUMANITY – eternal life – and thus He sent His only son to earth to die for the SEX-SINS of Adam and Eve. Once again, we run into all the problems listed above. The Said Son of God says his mission is intended for the Lost Sheep – ONLY! There will be no eternal life for the Gentiles. Why is Paul offering this to Gentiles? Is he going against God’s Will? YES!
  6.  The Rapture is another lie, invented to get around the good questions I inherited from those who lived before me. Many of the Good Questions Owners were tortured and murdered. Evil gangs of Satan-Paul go after Truth Seekers – TO HURT THEM! The Evil Spirit of Paul – LIVES FOEVER?  It is my mission to make the movie ‘Hromund’ in order to KILL PAUL! There is no account of how, why, and when he died! My movie will take you there to the Demise of the Worm of Satan! He will get his – after my Twelve Judges of Brabant put him in trial. This will be the most dramatic scene in movie history! The truth – will come out!

Here is Paul’s fake trial. Festus says he did nothing. Paul admits to torturing the followers of Jesus to get them “to blasphemy”. Did the “chief priests” give Paul any permission to do anything?………..NO! Why would any royal Jew even get near a mass-murder? They would be rendered – unclean! Why hear this rodent – at all? 

“Kill him in his dungeon, and be done with it! Don’t bring him here near my wife who took the Vow of the Nazarite.”


The New Testament is about a Holy War over who gets to HEAL, and who does not. Paul WON! This is why Healing Died Out! It was the WRONG HEALING! The proof in in the pudding. Paul represents the neo-Confederate Evangelical Anti-Healing Movement.

I have established The Rose of the World Healing around the name ROSAMOND. I proposed debt forgiveness for student loans. Rosamond will be a Party of Western Civilization based upon Free Medical, and Free Education. From this New Union will come a New Democracy – FREE OF CRAZED RELIGIOUS ADICTS WHO ARE SEX SHAMERS! Shaming human genitalia in a political manner – doesn’t work! If God wanted this for this Democracy, He would have made sure Sarah Palin became President – somehow! At least she attends church?


I descend from the Teutonic Knights on my father’s side, and the Knights Templar on my mother’s.  The New Order will protect the Healing Rose of the World from murderous demons like Paul. God’s Kingdom – is of this Earth! Here is the alleged Heir to Herbert Armstrong Church saying the remnants of Troy came to Holland. Some times Myths and Fairytales come true, because often the contain oppressed truths.

So be it! Long live the Free Press, the enemy of the Mighty Messiah of Benjamin Netanyahu – the War Monger!

Israel should give a free medical education to American Minorities so they can minister a healing to poor people of color in the U.S. The Rose of the World wants to see people of color in every major university in Israel to show thanks to President Harry Truman. Write your Senator and Congressman and demand Israel found The Harry Truman School of Medicine as proof they do not prefer one party over another.

“The choice for our people, Mr. President, is between statehood and extermination. History and providence have placed this issue in your hands, and I am confident that you will yet decide it in the spirit of the moral law.”




   After Troy fell, in 1181, the populace in the conquered regions fled from the Greeks to various parts of Europe. One of these groups was led by Aeneas and finally reached Italy. But, there were other groups who left Troy after the First Trojan War.
Another group of Trojan refugees was led by Francio the son of the ill-fated Hector, and heir to the line of Samothes in Gaul. These fled to the northern shore of the Black Sea, then returned to Isauria in Asia Minor, from where they migrated to Pannonia and then on to Western Europe. From these Trojans is descended the house of the Dukes of Brabant (an old province embracing parts of modern Belgium and the Netherlands). From this Assyro-Judaic family came Charlemagne, the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.
A complete list of these Trojan rulers, from Hector down to Charlemagne, is found in the work by Jhr. C. A. Rethaan Macar? entitled “Oude Kronijk van Brabant”, in the “Codex Diplomaticus Neerlandicus,” series 2, part 3, published by Het Historisch Genootschap te Utrecht, Utrecht, Holland in 1855.





According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), “Hezbollah fired two to three anti-tank missiles from Lebanon, hitting an IDF military outpost and ambulance in northern Israel.”

“We fired at the Hezbollah squad responsible. No Israelis were injured in the attack,” the IDF said in a tweet.

Israel said it had responded with artillery and helicopter fire, sending about 100 shells across the border at Hezbollah positions.

Radio reports from northern Israel say residents in some border communities have been sheltering in bunkers after suffering sustained rocket attacks.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah is quoted by local media as saying the movement destroyed an Israeli tank, killing and injuring those on board.

However, it provided no evidence, and its claims were rejected by Israel.

“At this moment I can make an important announcement: we have no casualties, no-one injured or even scratched,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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