The Healing Temple of Jesus-Eshmun

After thirty years of searching I found the real Jesus and his true mission. I identify him as Eshmun, who died, and was restored to life by Astarte, who perused him, stalked him, because she was in love with him. He was the handsomest man in the world. He castrated himself with an axe, and Astarte restored him to life……..

“she made him a god of heaven.”

This is why Jesus holds the title “son of god”. He is a ‘Son of Eshmun’ a name that means eight, as in the eight sons.

Why Jesus went to Sidon is one of the biggest mysteries in the tales bout him life. Why is Jesus healing pagans – there? I believe Jesus – is from there! He may have proclaimed himself ‘King of Samaria’ because he descends from ‘The House of Omri’, and thus King Ahab, a Queen Jezebel, who may have introduced the ‘Healing Rod’ of Asclepius. This rod and god conflicted with the healing powers of Elijah and Elisha.

Jesus was not a Messiah, or the God of the Jews in disguise. I will withhold my great argument on this matter for my book.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Eshmun was the Phoenician god of healing and renewal of life; he was one of the most important divinities of the Phoenician pantheon and the main male divinity of Sidon. Originally a nature divinity, and a god of spring vegetation, Eshmun was equated to Babylonian deity Tammuz. His role later expanded within the Phoenician pantheon, and he gained celestial and cosmic attributes.[2]

The myth of Eshmun was related by the sixth century Syrian Neoplatonist philosopher Damascius and ninth century Patriarch of Constantinople, Photius. They recount that Eshmun, a young man from Beirut, was hunting in the woods when Astarte saw him and was stricken by his beauty. She harassed him with her amorous pursuit until he emasculated himself with an axe and died. The grieving goddess revived Eshmun and transported him to the heavens where she made him into a god of heaven.[nb 2][3]

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