That Old Love Dance

: Adriaan Mazel, George Arundale, James Wedgwood, and Frank Pigott at George Arundale’s consecration as a Bishop, Huizen, 1925. Mrs Besant stands between Arundale and Wedgwood.

Sri Rukmani Devi, the famous Bharatanatyam dancer as she appeared on October 6, 1940.

Now that I can admit I am The Master, I can speak from my Pure Intentions. I have forgiven Belle Burch because the work we were destined to do together did not cease during the attack of the she-demon defamers, indeed, we touch upon the adventures of Krishna and Buddha.

As The Hidden Master I have compiled a five thousand pieces of the puzzle, that I now dump on the table – of dance and life!

Let’s dance!

John The Rose Master

Play both with sound off on first video.

During his years in Adyar, Arundale came into contact with the family of Nilakanta Sastri, a fellow Theosophist, and fell in love with his daughter, Rukmini. This was considered scandalous: Rukmini belonged to a Hindu family orthodox enough to disapprove of Sastri’s involvement with the Theosophists, whom they regarded as a bizarre quasi-Christian sect; there were considerations of race, religion and cultural background; and Rukmini was too young to be Arundale’s wife, being twenty-six years younger than he was.

Not withstanding these considerations and the uproar raised by Rukmini’s family, they were married in 1920, when Rukmini turned sixteen and he was forty-two. Arundale mentored Rukmini and encouraged her to develop her interest in classical dance. Rukmini went on to being instrumental in rejuvenating the Bharatanatyam style of classical dance. Accordingly, it is as the husband of Rukmini Devi Arundale that George Arundale is best known in India today.

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